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Monetise your underutilised parking spaces through the UK and Ireland’s largest and most trusted peer-to-peer parking marketplace.
With over 5.5 million unique website visitors each month, your parking spaces will be in front of the largest national audience searching for parking online. Increase the visibility of your available parking spaces and drive revenue without lifting a finger.
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Why Yps?

Our core business model is to generate our
client’s revenue from its parking assets.

YourParkingSpace is a peer to peer platform for listing, discovering and booking parking across the UK and Ireland. We make parking more accessible, in order to fulfil the demand from the growing number of motorists travelling by road. In turn, we also create a meaningful revenue stream for landowners without disrupting the core customer experience.

Previously, the only way for landowners to monetise underutilised bays was to incorporate a pay and display solution.

Pay and display car parks operate on a first-come-first-serve basis with no guaranteed spaces for your core customer. They are also only capable of selling space at a single and static price point without any consideration for supply and demand factors, including seasonal trends.

Our Pre-Book solution takes optimising yield and maximising car park revenue to new heights. We have developed a platform that takes advanced pricing algorithms and predictive availability and applies it to a controlled subset of bays to generate maximum income from your surplus parking.

The benefits of partnering with us.

Numerous available spaces for your core customer base

We conduct a deep occupancy analysis and use predictive availability to control the release of surplus bays on our pre- book platform. This guarantees that your customers will always have a place to park whilst optimising your unused parking assets.


Advanced pricing algorithm

Our advanced pricing algorithm does all the hard work when it comes to optimising price for Pre-Book spaces.We factor in current supply and demand in the immediate area as identified by our marketplace and apply any seasonal or event based pricing to maximise the revenue generated from your parking assets.


Integrations with all major enforcement and access providers

Sites with enforcement or access solutions can still benefit from a Pre-Book strategy. Our Pre-Book marketplace has direct integrations into over 20 of the UK and Ireland’s major enforcement and access providers. New integrations can be connected to the YourParkingSpace platform in as little as 3 business days.


Generate revenue from a new customer audience

In cases where your primary business is not parking, our online pre-book audience can be leveraged to further generate revenue from your core products/services.

The benefits of partnering with us .
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A completely digital solution that has ZERO impact on the core business, over half of the standalone B&Q estate is now utilising YourParkingSpace Pre-Book to drive revenue and encourage footfall from an alternative audience.

Case Study | B&Q

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Features of our Pre-Book Solution...

Hourly/Daily Parking

Parking can be leased on an hourly and or daily basis with the capability to set a base tariff as well as special pricing for seasonal demand.

Monthly Subscription Parking

Flexible 30-day rolling monthly subscriptions guarantee rental income for available spaces.

Direct Integration

Direct Integration with access solution providers or enforcement providers

  • ANPR Systems
  • Barrier and ticket Solutions
  • Intercoms and Pinpad

Dynamic Pricing and Occupancy

Our advanced pricing algorithm does the heavy lifting when it comes to optimising price for Pre-Book spaces. We factor in current supply and demand in the immediate area as identified by our marketplace, and apply any seasonal or event based pricing to maximise the revenue generated from your parking assets.

Features of our Pre-Book Solution ...
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Compatible with legacy technology

Compatible with
The SKIDATA barrier
FAAC Barrier
Compatible with
The FAAC barrier

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