With less than a week to go before Black Friday, it's time to plan ahead to be sure you catch the biggest and best savings before the beginning of the festive season.

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This year, Black Friday is officially on Friday 25 November. The anticipation of large crowds, chaos, and conflict over popular items can cause feelings of anxiety, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. With our guide, you will be well prepared.

How did Black Friday come to the UK?

The phenomenon of Black Friday originated in the United States around the 1980s. It was first introduced to the UK in 2010, with Amazon offering fabulously low-priced deals on their online store. Since then, the day of shopping sprees and sales has seen huge success each year. There is debate over how and why Black Friday first came to be. As the biggest shopping day in the US, it is the best day to make a profit in the entire year, falling between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the profit turns from red to black, the day has earned the name of Black Friday.


Plan your budget

With the rising cost of living crisis meaning that many of us are managing on a budget, the Black Friday sales are the perfect time to stash stocking fillers and more costly main Christmas gifts at a more reasonable price. However, be wary of getting sucked into spending more than you planned to. Seeing all the great deals, that often seem too good to be true, can draw you into splashing out on impulse. It is always best to set a budget in advance and know your limits with spending, even in sales.

Be prepared in advance for Black Friday

It is a good idea to prepare for Black Friday by making a list of what you are hoping to purchase in the sales and finding out which stores will be offering deals. Although Black Friday is extremely popular, not every store will be taking part in the deals. While it is not always possible to find out about whether specific items will be included in the discounts, avoid disappointment by checking out beforehand whether the shops you are hoping to visit are participating.

Large retailers, including John Lewis, Currys, and Argos, are all worthwhile places to investigate for high-end lifestyle products, tech and gadgets, and home appliances. Last year’s Black Friday sales saw amazing discounts on items including TVs, gaming devices, beauty equipment, coffee machines, steam cleaners, and air fryers, amongst many other products.


Many stores have started offering deals a few days before Black Friday, so you can strike lucky by checking for great deals earlier on. This allows customers who cannot make the trip to the shops on Black Friday itself to still benefit from the sales. However, often the largest savings and best deals are saved for Black Friday.

The sales also usually span the entire weekend, culminating in Cyber Monday where traditionally online retailers lower their prices. In practice, both stores and online retailers tend to offer deals across the entire weekend event. Online shopping has risen in popularity, particularly since shopping habits have changed after the start of the pandemic. Amazon is a key place to check out for online deals.

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One issue to bear in mind when ordering online for Black Friday in 2022 in the UK, is the Royal Mail strike action. This could mean that there will be a delay in delivering your deals. If you prefer the experience of shopping in stores without the worry of delivery dates, then heading to a shopping centre is a good way to visit several shops for Black Friday deals all in one place. Some of the top spots for shopping the sales are the Trafford Centre in Manchester, Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough, and the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

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Pre-booking a parking space can be a great idea if you are planning to head to your favourite high street too. With many high streets offering little on-street parking, knowing that you have a driveway or garage booked and waiting for you can ensure that you have a stress-free shopping spree this Black Friday.