45 Of The Craziest Driving Rules In The World

We all know that driving rules and regulations are important and across the world, countries and cities have their own driving laws that you must follow. But there are some driving rules that are just downright strange!

So, let’s have a look at 45 of the craziest driving rules and regulations you will find from across the globe!


The craziest rules


1. Red Cars Only

Thinking about driving onto Lake Street in Minneapolis? Well, think again if you own a red car! According to Minnesota driving laws, red cars aren't allowed on that street!



2. No Playing Around

We wonder how this next driving rule came into force. It is illegal to drive through playgrounds in the state of Georgia!



3. Door Slamming

Hate when people slam car doors too loudly? Well, this isn’t a problem in Switzerland, as this it is strictly prohibited.



4. Driving on Sundays

If you have a black car, we have some bad news. In Denver, Colorado, driving laws state you can’t drive your black vehicle on a Sunday.

black car


5. Car Jumping

In California, it is against the law to jump from your vehicle at 65mph. I wouldn't recommend trying to jump at other speeds!

 car jumping


6. Driving Backwards

Not a lot of us want to drive backwards but you certainly can’t do this in Glendale, Arizona; it is illegal!

 driving backwards


7. Having a Whale of a Time

Shooting any animals from your car is against the law in the states of California and Tennessee. You can shoot a whale according to this law, though...

whale car


8. Turning Right on Red Stop Lights

In almost every country in the world, driving rules and regulations state that a red light means stop. But, in the USA, you can actually turn right when there is a red light. You just have to watch out for pedestrians.

 right on red light


9. Check Under the Car

Before you start off on your journey in Denmark, driving rules require for you to check under the car to make sure there isn’t a person underneath!

 checking under car


10. No Dirt Allowed

We all love to have a clean car that is glistening in the sunshine. But in Russia, it is actually an offense to have a dirty car and you can be fined for having mud or other dirt on your vehicle. If that is not an incentive to clean your car, we don’t know what is!

 dirty car


11. Call a Taxi 

If you want to transport hay anywhere in Australia, you can’t do this in your own car. Fortunately, you can call a taxi to transport it for you!

 taxi australia


12. Drying your Car

If you were thinking about drying your car with used underwear, you will have to think again! It is against driving rules in San Francisco.

 drying underwear car


13. Double Vision 

If you have problems with your vision and need to wear glasses, you better have a second pair when you are in Spain. Local driving rules require for you to keep an extra pair when you are driving.



14. A Safe Distance

When you are driving in Singapore, you must make sure that you have a space of more than 50 meters between you and a pedestrian at all times.



15. No Peeping

Do you want to have a look into someone else’s car? Well, not in Milford, Massachusetts! In this city, it is forbidden to peep through the window of someone’s vehicle.

 look inside car


16. Illegal Hitchhiking

If you stick out your thumb by the side of the road when you are in Russia, you're breaking the law. Hitchhiking is illegal in Russia, whether you are the one looking for a ride or the person that is picking them up.



17. No Front Seat Passengers 

If you are a kid under 10 years in France, you won’t be allowed to travel in the front seat of the car. You can only do so if you have a special child restraint. I guess this one is about safety first!

 baby in car


18. A Barrel of Hay a Day

Hackney Carriages are famous around the streets of London. But did you know that they are required to carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats when they are out on the roads?

 hackney carriage 2


19. Dunkin’ Don’t

According to Maine driving laws, you will be fined if you decide to park your vehicle in front of Dunkin’ Doughnuts!

 car dunkin donuts 2


20. Pennsylvania Rockets

When you are out on those country roads in Pennsylvania and it is dark, you must stop every mile so that you can set off a rocket! This is to make sure that livestock are aware of your presence!

rocket on road


21. Motorway Driving

Your worst nightmare is running out of petrol on the motorway. Since it is so dangerous to stop when there is highspeed traffic, Germany have made it illegal if you run out of petrol on the Autobahn.

 autobahn germany


22. Puddle Splashing 

We all dread the moment when we are walking along the street and a vehicle passes and soaks us with water. But, this is not just embarrassing when it happens in Japan, it is actually worthy of a fine. So, if you are a driver, don’t splash a pedestrian!

 puddle splashing


23. Outfit Change

It is against driving rules in Illinois for you to get changed in your car. The only exception is when there is a fire!

 change your clothes in car


24. Mandatory Windshield Wipers

All cars in Luxembourg must have windshield wipers. This is still the law even if you don’t have a windshield!

 windshield wipers


25. Peaceful Dinners

Want to eat your dinner in peace? Well, you can in Arkansas since it is illegal for a driver to blast the horn after 9pm at any place that services food and drinks.

 car horn


26. Cheers 

Want to celebrate but have to drive somewhere? Well, this is not problem and it is legal to enjoy a beer while you are driving in Costa Rica!



27. Animals First

In South Africa, animals end up on the roads. This means that they have right of way and you will face a fine if you don’t let them pass!

 elephants road south africa


28. No Drinking

We all know you can’t drink in your car. But, did you know that you can’t even drink water behind the wheel in Cyprus? In hot temperatures, you must pull over to hydrate.



29. Personal Breathalyser

In France, you must carry your own breathalyser kit in your car at all times. Otherwise, the police will fine you.



30. No Blindfolds

In the USA, it is illegal to drive when you are blindfolded. I guess this isn’t one of these crazy driving rules; but we do wonder why it is a rule that has to be stated!

 driving blindfolded


31. Paying Parking Meters 

We all know that you have to put money in the parking meter when you park your car in Florida. But, you also have to deposit money if you are tying up your elephant instead of a car!

elephant parking


32. Don’t get the Hump 

When you are in Nevada, it is against the law to ride a camel on the highway. I guess you will have to think of another mode of transport!

ride camel on road


33. Counting Sheep

If you have sheep in your truck in Montana, you are not permitted to leave them. This means you must stay in your vehicle with them at all times.



34. Keep your Shirt on

It can get pretty hot in Thailand. But this doesn’t mean that you can travel without a shirt on. Men and woman are required to wear a shirt at all times, whether they are driving a car or a tuk-tuk.

 tuk-tuk thailand


35. Turn your Frown Upside Down

If you are pulled over by the police when you are driving in New Jersey, it is against local driving rules to frown at a police officer.

frown police 


36. Uneven Number Parking

Around some Spanish cities, there are one-way streets and if you need to park, you have to do so on the side where there are uneven numbers on the houses when it is uneven days of the month. The same applies to even numbers. So, make sure to check your calendar!

 uneven numbers parking 1


37. Monday Driving Blues 

If your car number plate features number one or two at the end, you won’t be able to drive in Manila, Philippines on a Monday.

manila driving


38. Lantern Lights the Way 

Not many of us a want to turn the wrong way and drive down a one-way street. But in Alabama, it is actually legal to do this as long as you have a lantern on the front of your car!

 lantern car


39. Dogs Roofin’ 

In the United States, it is common to see dogs riding in the back of a pick-up. Yet, Alaska made it clear that tying your dog to the roof of the car is illegal!

 dog roof car


40. Cab Rules

You never want your car to break down in the middle of nowhere. But if you call for a cab in Ohio, you must remember that you will receive a ticket for riding on the roof of the cab!

riding on roof car


41. Stop Monkeying Around

In Massachusetts, you will receive a ticket if you are driving with a gorilla in the back of your car!

 gorilla in car


42. You can’t Duck out of this One

When you are crossing state lines in Minnesota, it is against the law to have a duck on your head!

 duck on head in car


43. Driving in Circles

Unfortunately, if you want to drive around the town square in Ohio, you can’t do it more than 100 times!

driving in circles


44. Only in Comic Books

Comic books can be addictive. But when you are in Oklahoma, it is against the law to read one when you are driving; not even if you have super powers!

 comics in car


45. A Red Flag

If a woman wants to drive somewhere in New Orleans or Memphis, she has got to have a man in front of the vehicle waving a warning flag. It’s the law!

wave flag in front car