Aura concept showcases accurate EV range management

A new concept has been unveiled at Cenex-LCV 2021, with the aim of previewing what is possible for the future of driver’s cars.

Created by the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN), the Aura concept car is an all-electric two-seater, that displays a highly-accurate range calculation amongst other features, designed to further dispel range anxiety.

With a range of around 400 miles on a charge, few drivers will be worried about having enough charge to reach their destination, but those behind the Aura reckon the software behind the car’s systems will display a driving distance available accurate to within half a percent of range.

The fully-working prototype features 88 kWh of battery capacity, split into two 44 kWh packs located fore and aft for improved packaging and weight distribution. With a lightweight chassis and bodywork built from composite and natural woven fabrics, the Aura’s range is around 400 miles on a charge, despite being a driver-focused model.

The project has been backed by four British-based businesses, each bringing their specialities to bear, such as software development, manufacturing materials, battery management system, or displays and interfaces.

Although unlikely to go into production, features of the Aura will be available for manufacturers large and small to incorporate into their models.