The Best Alternatives To Driving A Car: Experts Roundup!

So far, 2019 has been the year of climate change. People have taken to the streets all over the world to demand action over the climate crisis, and Greta Thunberg sailed to New York to give a passionate speech at the UN.

Businesses started taking their responsibilities by doing everything they can to try to save the planet. For example, Burger King just stopped offering plastic toys with their meals.

On our side, we recently established a partnership with Trees For The Future to plant a tree for every monthly booking.

In this roundup, we decided to interview people who'd rather ride anything but a car, be it a bicycle, electric scooter, skateboard or even walking on their feet. They're definitely not crazy about driving a car and recommend other means of transportation.

Let's see what they have to say:

The best alternatives to driving a car

#1 Electric rideables are here to stay


Be it an electric bike, skateboard or scooter, there's an ongoing trend with motorizing classic rideables, making them ideal for commuting. I ride an electric scooter to and from my office on a daily basis and over the last year's time, and I see more and more people do the same in urban areas. I often get to work quicker than the bus without breaking a sweat. It's fast, good for the climate and even your economy. Times are changing.
- Paul Strobel,


electric scooter 2

#2 I won't go out without my unicycle


If you’re looking for a REAL alternative to the car, consider the humble unicycle. Not only do you get a complete core workout with every ride, but the sedate pace of travel allows one to contemplate the deeper aspects of balance that govern all life in the Universe. And, if you fall off, you’re never really going that fast. Small children are consistently impressed, and while at times you may feel like a trained circus bear, at least you are not a captive slave in a mechanical C02 belching planet-wrecker.

Lorne Craig,


#3 Electric motorcycle scooters are shaping the future of transportation

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Electric motorcycle scooters that have an EU Certificate of Conformity such as the Stigo or the Humley will slowly be shaping the new age of transportation. They are essentially free to run and obviously give zero emissions off and are already approved. With the government putting more pressure on for reaching zero emissions the growth could well be exponential.

Electric skateboards and Onewheels are more of a recreational activity but could be used for commuting too. Once the regulations and legislation becomes more user friendly for scooters, traffic should become a lot more manageable

-Peter Line, Director of


#4 Electric Skateboards – A Cool, Nostalgic Way to Commute


While electric scooters and mopeds are all the rage now, there's not much enthusiasm for electric skateboards. Hated by their rebellious fellow skaters for being un-true and loved by the older generation that used to skate their evenings away at the skate park, the humble electric skateboard is finally coming into the light and making a place for itself among the other "last mile mobility solutions" on the market.
Electric skateboards and longboards are harder to use than electric scooters, but just like how the millennial generation used to ride regular kick-push scooters and have now upgraded to the electric scooter, the Gen-Z is much more likely to e-skate rather than e-ride.
They're fast, they're fun and most importantly, they're a safe and economic way of commuting. With a better mileage and portability than their bigger electric cousins, you'll start seeing these zippy machines more often around the world, and in your neighborhood.

- Stefan St., SMM Manager,

electric skateboar 


#5 I use my feet!


I love to use my feet as much as possible in everyday life. I love walking and try to walk as much as I can. I'm lucky to be in the situation where I can walk to my local shops and as I work remotely I make it a habit to take walking meetings too. There's nothing like a walk to clear your head and find it very refreshing to get away from the computer and it's a great way to squeeze in some cardio each day and I find I'm more energized. 

- Matt Woodley,



#6 I'm a big fan of electric unicycles


In early 2018, I discovered EUCs (Electric UniCycle) and I immediately knew I was meant to ride one. After a few hours of practice, I was able to make a Gotway Tesla my primary method of transportation to go to work every day. The sensations when riding on an electric wheel are just fantastic so I sometimes make excuses to ride to any store within a 5-mile radius. I am guaranteed to have people smile when I ride and people of all origins stop me once in a while to strike a conversation (happiness booster). 5,000 miles and 2 tires later, I can't imagine a world without my EUC.

- Hervé Andrieu,



#7 My way to travel? Inline skates!


Bikes have long been the preferred alternative for travelers to cross countries and live adventures around the world. But there are numerous of other ways to do it ! 
My way is inline skates. I find them really convenient to use a trailer to carry all my gear but it's also doable with a light backpack. I love this alternative because it makes me enjoy more deeply my travels and connect more easily with my environment while I am on the move. Taking our time nowadays seems to have become a luxury.

-Johann Camboulive,


#8 Electric skateboards changing the way we get from here to there


Electric skateboards are the latest revolution in the transportation industry and they’re picking up serious momentum. Riders everywhere are now switching over from bus, car and bike to electric skateboards to inject some exhilaration into their everyday commute to work! It means no more last minute stops for gas, no more de-icing the car or polluting the atmosphere with fumes. With boards that can go 18 miles on a single charge, hitting speeds of up to 20 mph, and rocking a carving ability to tackle both the onroad and offroad, it’s no wonder brands like Onewheel, Boosted and Segway are invested in changing the way we view personal transportation for now, and in the future.

-Stefan Cordova,



#9 Electric scooters stimulate the senses


When it comes to driving, cars come with a lot of downsides. Massive traffic jams, expensive upkeep, low fuel efficiency, and just plain old boring-ness. The open roads can be experienced in so many breathtaking ways.. My personal favorite is the electric scooter.

It’s like a motorcycle with a more comfortable seat, easier handling, and usually automatic. The scooter offers a full 360-degree panorama of the world around you and comfort at the same time. What’s more, you get the huge boost in fuel efficiency and a chance to immerse yourself wherever you travel.

Scooters stimulate the senses. You get to wholly experience smell-scapes and views, the wind against your body as you zoom through most any terrain. 

And scooters are versatile as can be. Almost anywhere you find yourself around the world (especially in Europe and South East Asia) affordable scooter rental is around the corner. Scooters are perfect vehicles to explore a new environment with confidence, ease, and affordability. Enough already with the car-craze. Hop on a scooter and go forth into the world.

-Kalev Rudolph,

electric scooter


#10 The one and only... humble bicycle!


As the author of three books about cycling across Europe, it will come as no surprise to discover that my own preferred alternative to driving is… the humble but wonderful bicycle. Compact, convenient, cheap. It can take you down the street to the corner shop or around the world on an epic adventure. It won’t cost you pounds but will help you lose them so cancel that gym subscription, get on your bike and start pedalling. Good for you, good for society and a lot of fun!"

-Andrew P. Sykes,



#11 Electric scooters are the best alternatives to cars

Capture d’e?cran 2019-09-26 a? 14.33.26

With statistics showing that around 50% of daily trips in the US are 7 miles or less, electric scooters present an immense opportunity to revolutionize the way we move around. At under 1 cent of fuel (electricity) cost per mile travel they are not only a significant cost saving but also more environmentally friendly than a car. Scooter sharing companies like Bird and Lime are paving the way for regulatory acceptance and cities are rethinking layouts to create more spaces for micro-mobility. Fluidfreeride is actively supporting this movement and providing a curated selection of electric scooters for personal use.

Julian Fernau, Founder of fluidfreeride



 #12 I prefer my bicycle


I prefer to get around town by bicycle. For me it's a great way to spend time outside, get exercise, and have fun at the same time. Not only that, but it's also cheaper than driving a car and good for the environment. Once I decided to give it a try I got hooked. I believe that most people would be happier and healthier if they started bike commuting. With the rise in popularity of electric bikes it’s only made bike commuting more accessible for those who have longer commutes.

-Tyler Smith,



#13 You should use an electric skateboard!


Using an electric skateboard is the most easiest way of 'drop and go'. You throw the board on the ground and you are instantly ready to go. The manoeuvrability makes it perfect to short city commutes. 

electric skateboard


#14 Inline skates represent the ultimate freedom


My preferred method of getting around is on inline skates. It is the ultimate feeling of freedom to cruise around urban landscapes with skates on your feet and a breeze on your face. You discover a deeper appreciation for your city while exploring new streets and alleys that you would have never ventured down in a car. All while discovering things and places you never knew existed when your zoned out and driving fast by everything in your. Pumping and carving through traffic and bombing hills can also get you to work faster then in car and you have a blast doing.

When it comes to traveling, bringing inline skates is a must. There is no better way to explore a new city or take in rural landscapes then on skates. It’s the ultimate freedom.

-Jan Welch, founder of


#15 My favorite? My Haibike SDURO HardSeven 1.0

Capture d’e?cran 2019-09-24 a? 14.43.47

My favorite ride is my Haibike SDURO HardSeven 1.0. This is the most affordable and lightest ebike in Haibike’s lineup of premium electric bikes. I highly recommend it for both off-road and city riding. My bike is a rugged, good looking, and suitable for all kinds of terrains. With the electric assist, hills are not a problem. I just jump on my bike at a moment's notice and arrive looking good. Throw on a couple of panniers and you can do a week's worth of shopping in an afternoon and get some fresh air and exercise.

-Maggie Neilson and her husband Joe Goodwill are the creators of Average Joe Cyclist blogs:


#16 I use my bike for commuting on a daily basis


I must note that my favorite type of transport is an electric bicycle. My office is 10 miles from home and I use my bike for commuting on a daily basis. It brings me not only a lot of joy but also saves a mass of time. Since I don't care about traffic jams I  get to the office much faster than my colleagues. Also, I adore the weekend bike trips, thanks to which I discovered many wonderful places around. An electric bike is a cool thing!

-Evgeniy Protasov,