Best Electric Cars In The UK – Top Rated Vehicles In 2020

Electric cars are becoming a more popular option with drivers in recent years. This trend is accelerating as the cost of electric car ownership starts to fall, making this a feasible option for more drivers. Our handy guide to the best electric cars in the UK helps you get out ahead of the crowd. Be totally prepared with your knowledge of the top-rated electric vehicles of 2020.

As technology develops and the market grows, there is more choice for buyers than ever before. We have put together a selection of the best electric vehicles so that you can find the one that is right for you. Whether you are on the search for a suave sports car or fancy finding a fantastic family vehicle, whether you have a set budget or think that price is no object, our guide will have something for you.

So, which are the best EV cars in 2020?

Best budget electric cars

Hyundai Kona Electric:


The Hyundai Kona Electric debuted last year and easily rivals some of the higher-priced luxury electric cars available. With a range of 258 miles, this is one of the best all-round affordable electric cars at the moment. It has an SAE combo charger as standard which allows DC voltage to go directly into the car’s large battery. This means much quicker charging times between drives. It also has adjustable regenerative braking, rapid acceleration, and a thoroughly pleasant interior.

Nissan Leaf:


Following a redesign last year, the Nissan Leaf is now a much improved electric car compared to the previous generation model. Not only is it quiet and comfortable, it also offers a good range which should cover most commutes. The claimed range is 150-226 miles, depending on whether you choose the Leaf or the Leaf Plus model. One downside to this car is that the steering wheel does not telescope, and this makes the car a little less comfortable for taller drivers. However, the car’s good points outweigh this disadvantage overall. It's one of the best all electric cars in 2020!

Chevrolet Bolt EV:


This hatchback offers exceptional all-electric range and performance for a reasonable price. Its range is 259 miles, which is perfect for the majority of commutes and even longer journeys. Although the cargo space does not seem to be as large as other vehicles can offer, drivers have found that it is certainly more spacious than you may expect. One potential downside is that the front seats are rather firm, and this might not be to everyone’s taste. It's one of the top fully electric cars of 2020!

Fantastic family electric cars

Tesla Model 3:


The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable electric car in the Tesla range. However, this doesn’t mean it is in any way basic. The standard model claims a whopping 254-mile range and has the ability to race from 0-60mph in only 5.3 seconds. The car has a space age feel with an Autopilot drive assistance system included. If you need an increased range, there is a dual-motor version available which can cover 329 miles. The Tesla Model 3 deserves to appear in our list of electric cars as it's really good value for money.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric:


This car offers plentiful space for families of four or five. It has a decent sized boot, which can be essential for family holidays or even just the weekly grocery shop. The car is ideal for daily use with a refined yet relaxed nature. If you are unsure about making the move to an electric car, the Ioniq is also available in hybrid or plug-in hybrid versions. This can help to offer some reassurance if you will be making long journeys.

VW e-Golf:


This cutting-edge electric car offers all the usual high-quality attributes you would expect from a Volkswagen, with first-rate build quality, clever connectivity and generous packaging. The difference is that it is cleaner, quieter and less costly. With its conventional looks, this could be an ideal car for a first-time electric vehicle driver.

Super sporty electric cars

Nio EP9:

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This is an electric car for true enthusiasts only. With a price tag of £1.2 million (before tax), this is a big investment. But in return you become the proud owner of one of the most extreme, luxury electric cars available. Its electric motor packs a megawatt of power, which is the equivalent of 1360bhp. The Nio EP9 has already broken the Nurburgring lap record and has a top speed of 196mph, racing from 0-62mph in only 2.9 seconds. This car looks sleek and is sure to impress, but it worth bearing in mind that it is still in the experimental pioneer phase.

Porsche Taycan:


The Taycan showcases Porsche’s most technically stunning interior design so far. Not only that, it also has the ability to charge in half the time it takes the Tesla Model S. It is able to do this thanks to its 800-volt power supply. This is double what is usually used in electric cars and no other manufacturer is currently offering this. By increasing the voltage, the current can be dropped without an impact in the power output. This enables much faster charging times than we see in other electric cars.

Luxury electric cars

Audi e-tron:


The Audi e-tron is a luxury SUV with plentiful space for five passengers and room to spare. It has an emphasis on comfort and is jam packed with quality technology. Offering a smooth ride, this car also has the advantage of consistently swift charging and a range of 204 miles. For a luxury electric vehicle, you can’t ask for much more than the Audi e-tron.

Jaguar I-Pace:


Sleek and futuristic, the Jaguar I-Pace simply oozes style and sophistication both inside and out. With immediate acceleration and responsive steering and handling, this electric car is sporty as well as luxurious. It is however somewhat less efficient than other similar vehicles, which means that there may be more cost involved in keeping it charged.

BMW i3:


If the interior design and comfort of your car is high on your priority list, this could be the perfect car for you. The BMW i3 offers arguably the best interior of any electric car. It is stylish and modern yet remains user friendly and practical. As expected from any BMW, the i3 drives smoothly. One thing to take into consideration however is that the BMW i3 has a relatively short range when compared to other electric cars. Its range is only 153 miles. This can be mitigated somewhat by the option of a gas-powered range extender. This increases the range to 200 miles and offers some additional peace of mind for longer journeys.

Best range electric cars

If the range of your electric car is something that you are concerned about, then the best brand to go for is Tesla. Tesla electric cars are currently head and shoulders above other brands in terms of their range. Tesla Model S Long Range is the overall winner in this regard, with a range of 373 miles. It comes equipped with a 100-kWh battery pack and is lighter weight than some other models.

The Tesla Model X Long Range comes in a close second with a range of 328 miles, closely followed by the Tesla Model 3 Long Range at 322 miles. The Model X uses the same 100-kWh battery pack as the Model S but carries more weight so it can’t travel quite as far. The Tesla Model 3 has a slightly smaller battery pack of 75-kWh, but it is lighter and more efficient than the other models meaning that it can go further with a smaller battery pack.

Outside of the Tesla brand, the next best electric car for range is the Chevrolet Bold with its range of 259 miles. This model also made the shortlist in our selection as one of the best budget electric cars available. Chevrolet redesigned the Bolt’s battery for 2020, meaning its range is now further than most other competitors.

Choosing the electric car that is right for you

This guide on the best EVs has hopefully given you some ideas about the different electric cars that are currently available on the market in 2020. We have selected only the very best to be included in our shortlist. As the cost of electric vehicles continues to fall, an electric car will make sense for more and more households. They are less costly to run, require less maintenance, and no more stops at the petrol station.

Some important factors to take into account will be when and where you will be able to charge your car and how many miles you need to be able to do in between charges. This is why range is such an important consideration when looking at electric car models. Some of the cars, which offer a gas-powered range extender or a hybrid design, can provide reassurance for drivers who regularly take long journeys and have concerns about the range available.

Other considerations are similar to when choosing a traditional gas vehicle, such as space, number of seats, comfort and style. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in your electric car, we’re sure that you will be able to find your perfect match from the many excellent choices available on the market, particularly among those highlighted here in our guide.