COVID-19: Supporting Our NHS, Free Parking For All Staff

The outbreak of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 11 March 2020. Whilst the British community is trying their best to cope with the rapidly evolving situation, our NHS staff are on working tirelessly on the front line of the virus outbreak. That kind of heroism is celebrated at YourParkingSpace.

In a bid to say thank you for all that they do, we are teaming up with our commercial partners to roll out free parking to NHS staff until we overcome this pandemic.

There are over 900 car parks across the UK already signed up to the initiative including shopping centres, hotels, and supermarkets, with many around key NHS facilities. Our team is in ongoing discussions to expand this free parking network and look forward to welcoming many more partners to this initiative over the coming weeks, bringing onboard thousands of additional locations to service our NHS heroes.

We are also looking to extend this initiative to other core front-line services who are working to keep our country moving during this stressful time.

I work for the NHS, how do I get free parking?

Please Note: Our free parking initiative for NHS staff, which was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, has now concluded. We no longer offer free parking codes for NHS email users. We would like to thank all NHS staff for their incredible dedication and hard work during these challenging times. If you have any other inquiries or require assistance, please feel free to contact us for support or information on our current services.

I’ve got my code, now where can I park?

We have over 900 car parks listed on the YourParkingSpace platform labelled with an NHS badge and alternative blue price pin to easily identify which location is ‘FREE FOR NHS’. Bookings are not restricted to day or time and can be booked for any length of period (hourly, daily, monthly).

I’ve found my spot, how do I book for free?

Your unique code can be added to your account where it is then automatically applied at each checkout for as long as it is valid. Adding your unique code to your account will depend on if you’re using the free YourParkingSpace app or our website.

Redeeming your code via the YourParkingSpace app

Download or open the YourParkingSpace app and login. In the main menu, find "Referral Codes". From here you can ‘Add new Referral Code’ and enter your unique code. Click the green tick to save it. When you're ready to book, your code will be automatically applied at checkout for you and bring your booking total to £0.00.

Redeeming your code via the web

Register or log in to your YourParkingSpace account. Under ‘My Account’ and within your Driver dashboard, you will find the ‘Referral Codes’ section. ‘Add new Referral Code’ to enter your unique code and submit to save. Search and book your space. At checkout, your code will be automatically applied and update your booking total to £0.00.
Alternatively, you can always ‘Redeem referral code’ at checkout via the web before payment.