Free home charger for first Mazda MX-30 customers

Customers ordering one of the 500 Mazda MX-30 First Edition models will get a fully-installed home charge point for free

Early buyers of Mazda’s MX-30 will receive a free home charge point, as the Japanese firm aims to make life easy for those switching to electric.

Limited to 500 cars in the UK, the MX-30 First Edition will come with a 7 kW home charge point from Mazda’s charging infrastructure partner Newmotion. Buyers registering their cars before 31st March 2021 will receive the wallbox fully installed and free of charge where conditions are met - primarily off-street parking.

The new MX-30 starts at £27,495 for the First Edition model, with subsequent trim levels set to start from £25,545. Mazda’s first pure-EV, the MX-30 has a range of up to 124 miles from a 35.5 kWh battery. 

It will charge at up to 50 kW from DC charge points for a top-up in a little over half an hour, or charge at 6.6 kW from public and home points, allowing for a recharging time of around five and a half hours from empty on the home charge point offered.

Pitched as a premium EV, the MX-30 also promises to live up to the MX name, previously reserved for sports cars from the Japanese manufacturer. The iconic MX-5 is recognised as one of the best driver’s cars in the world, and it is hoped that MX-30 will hold a similar position in the electric vehicle market - though with greater practicality than the two-seat roadster.

Pre-orders are open now, and cars are expected to arrive in dealerships in April next year.