How To Create A Successful Business Online: Experts Roundup!

Starting a blog or business online can be a great idea to earn a side income, or even a full time salary every month! After all, this is how YourParkingSpace was created. Our co-founders realised that it was very difficult to find parking spaces near train stations, and the rest is history!

This kind of project can be scary, but also very exciting. What we know for sure is that you'll learn a lot if you try to create your own business online.

So, are you ready to come up with an idea, publish a brand new website and maybe create a new product that we've all been waiting for?

You're still not sure? Read what our panel of experts have to say about creating a successful blog or business online. Some of them earn several thousand pounds per month with their project, up to several millions! They'll give you plenty of ideas to get started.

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How to create a successful online business?

#1 I was an early adopter when it came to blogging


I was able to be successful with A Luxury Travel Blog because I was an early adopter when it came to blogging, starting the site in 2005. I already worked in internet marketing for the tourist industry (and have done so since the Web began in the 1990s), so when blogging came along, it was a natural progression for me to start a travel blog.

My primary interests lay in luxury travel - and there were no other blogs like that at the time - so again, I benefited from doing something different to what else was out there. Receiving a few prestigious awards early on also helped raise my profile. The blog is primarily monetised through paid campaigns and sponsored content. 

-Paul Johnson,
 #2 We've grown our side hustle into a successful business

coupleMy wife Brittany and I started our personal finance blog The Savvy Couple as a side hustle to help us pay off our student loans. I quickly saw the potential in running our online business and after nine months quit my job to run our site full-time. After the second year of owning our site, we started making over $10,000/month through ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

This allowed us to pay off our remaining $25,000 in student loans in less than 5 months. At the three year mark, Brittany was able to quit her teaching job and join me full-time on running our business. 


-Kelan & Brittany Kline,  


#3 I built my authority online


I’ve written about lifestyle topics such as travel, parenting, money, and food. I started blogging 7 years ago, after I lost 123 lbs and people wanted to know how. Now, the majority of my income comes from sponsored posts, holding retreats, and coaching/consulting.

I get to work with brands like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Amazon. This authority has allowed me to be a guest expert on other websites and be seen in huge publications like Forbes and USA Today. I even landed a staff writer position with FitSmallBusiness because of the expertise I’ve gained through my own blogging business. 

 -Kathy Haan,


#4 Our niche website became very successful


I run a niche website that helps local boat rental and charter companies get more customers. As the leading source of online information for boat rentals and charters in our area, businesses list their watersports activities with my company and we send them online bookings.

We actually started as a boat rental company in 2008, but, through blogging and SEO, the volume of customers coming from online quickly surpassed the number of boats we had. Switching to the online booking model allowed us to pivot and scale our business while substantially cutting costs.

 -Heather Thomas,


#5 I opened up e-commerce on my website

Square Author Natalie Setareh Be Your Own Makeup Artist copy

I am an international award-winning luxury makeup artist and educator, and most recently an author. After my website was downright copied by a local competitor, I realized I must be doing something right! So I opened up e-commerce on my website and began selling digital templates straight from my business which has been great as posturing me as an expert in my field and also, protecting my work. 
Additionally, I published my book this past summer and now, Be Your Own Makeup Artist, is an additional revenue stream to compliment my predominately service based offerings in addition to my business resources. 

 -Natalie Setareh,


 #6 I started my website as a way to connect with other parents

barbara nevers

I left my job about eighteen months ago to commit to my online business full-time, and I’d love to talk about my site. NeoLittle is a blog that teaches parents how to keep their children safe and healthy.
I started the site as a way to connect with other parents and help them through the difficult yet rewarding journey of raising a baby. So far, running this website has been the best job I’ve ever had. It’s certainly a lot of work.
But through commissions from Amazon affiliate links and selling white-label eco-friendly baby products, we’ve been able to make a profit and keep the site afloat as we grow it.
 - Barbara Nevers, 


#7 I never expected to make money with this project... Up until now


I started The Daily MBA as a way to practice writing and to share my thoughts on being a better entrepreneur. When I started, I never thought about how to make money at it.
Recently, I have started to take that more seriously. Currently, I have a curated ad specific for startups, links to my books, and I also use analytics to see which book to write next.

 -Jarie Bolander,



#8 I wanted to help my readers cook at home

anna rider

I write and photograph for, a food website, that empowers millennials and busy young professionals to cook more at home. I started this project to share the struggles that I experience with juggling a full-time job, side hustles, hobbies, and relationships while trying to cook every night because it's healthier on the wallet and waistline. 

Since launching Garlic Delight, I've been approached for freelance writing and web design opportunities. These money-making opportunities arose because people saw the content I was making and they wanted me to produce articles and build websites for them. Freelancing has helped me refine my writing and marketing skills and become a better business owner. 

 -Anna Rider,


#9 I wanted to change my life


I launched Brunette on Demand (Brondema) back in 2017. After my mom passed away in 2016, I was stuck in limbo for a long time. I wasn't happy with my life and where I was heading professionally. The 9 to 5 office hours were slowly taking the better of me, thus, I decided to quit my job. A year later I launched my blog. It wasn't until late 2018, though, when I started earning profit from 'Brondema'.

I mainly rely on affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Most of my traffic comes organically, so I need to write interesting and helpful SEO-optimised articles to rank successfully. Staying on the 1st page in search engines is hard work and if you can't beat the competition, your website won't become successful. Yet, if you are determined to put in the efforts and time into developing your blog, eventually it will pay off! 

 - Mariya Zafirova, Brunette on demand


#10 My goal? Doing a better job than my competitors


My business is Valet Maids, a Dallas based residential cleaning company. Our website is the main way in which clients are able to find and interact with the business. Clients are able to see pricing, book their appointments and make any changes as necessary. This sets us apart from some of our competitors who require customers to call for a quote or even some require in person quoting.

I realized that I wanted to create a cleaning company that was easy to book and didn’t require making a phone call. I started this project by researching website building and scheduling tools before launching the website. Clients appreciate being able to do everything online, but we also have live customer support as well.

 - Dawna Boone,


#11 I wanted to help other millennials beat student debt


I started My Millennial Guide, a personal finance blog, after beating $30,000 in student loan debt within 12 months of graduating college. I knew I had to share my tips for beating debt and I wanted to help other Millennials make smarter money moves.
Now, I am a full-time blogger who earns an income through affiliate marketing, advertising, and paid sponsorships. If you are a Millennial who wants to earn more money or save more money, My Millennial Guide can help.


 - Brian Meiggs,

#12 My website helps me showcase my digital marketing skills


After designing and selling maternity and nursing clothes, I decided to switch paths and move into digital marketing. I’d learned so much about social media management, email marketing and blog writing as an online business owner so I realized I could help other entrepreneurs improve their digital marketing.

I make money with my site because it’s a great example of the kind of web design I do. Plus, my opt-in brings in new email subscribers and my online scheduling app is integrated to bring in new business opportunities. 

- Melanie Herschorn,

#13 I try to bring joy, creativity, and organization into my customers homes


My name is Jennifer Slezia, I am the owner and creator of Journals to Freedom Printables. I run my small business online. I create and sell printables that aim to bring joy, creativity, and organization into my customers homes. 

Journals to Freedom began because I started designing my own lists to help me manage my busy life and preserve my mental clarity and I needed an alternative solution to the massive amount of post-it notes scattered about that looked as disorganized as my brain felt. It didn't take long for me to realize that my lists and journals could help other people organize and simplify their lives, also. This is the freedom that I hope my printables bring to the lives of my customers.

- Jen Slezia,

#14 I turned my hobby into a full time job


I started my blog as a hobby when I was in university and I wanted somewhere I could write about my other interests. When I made the decision to take my blog from a hobby to a full time job, I had to make sure I was organised. I have a to-do list which I update daily to ensure I’m keeping on top of things.

I also have a spreadsheet where I keep track of my earnings and expenses. I monetise my blog through affiliate links, sponsored posts and adverts. Keeping on top of SEO is important and I do a weekly broken link scan to make sure everything is in order. 

-Hayley Warren, Strangeness & Charm


#15 My online business gave me so much freedom and flexibility

profile pic

I started my blog in January 2017 on a whim after reading a big bloggers income report. I decided to give it a try and like most things I do, I jumped all in. 
I did struggle the first year as I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child a month after starting. so, I was slow going but this past year I am making a steady part-time income from my blog. 
I make money primarily from ads and my own products. I also make a small amount in affiliate revenue but it's not a large amount of my revenue. 
Since starting my blog and having my 3rd child, I was able to stay at home with my kids and work on building business. It has given me so much freedom and flexibility and I am just loving it. I get the best of both worlds. I get to work and get that interaction and experience while also having the flexibility of being a stay at home mom. 
- Ashley Patrick,


#16 I had a strong interest in finance blogs


My name is Julie Cheung and I started creating my own finance blog when I first became a freelance link builder around 6 years ago. As I worked predominantly with financial clients at the time and seeing how others have managed to set up successful finance blogs it felt like the right move to set up my own, especially having a personal interest in saving money and investing.

I spend time on keyword research to ensure that the topics on my blog is relevant, will interest readers and also to capture the right organic traffic. As I had built up a network of finance bloggers I was able to conduct outreach and guest post on other sites to help build up my blog authority. Over time, I was able to monetise my blog through affiliate marketing, ads and sponsored posts.

-Julie Cheung,


 #17 I was one of the first UK bloggers

Ana Amanda

Blogging was a fairly new thing when I started nearly 9 years ago. I love photography and hunting out vintage and second items and had been following people who did this on their blogs but I chose to share my images and bargains on twitter. I decided I had more to say than the 140 characters and joined that still small group of UK bloggers and set up my own blog. I think I was blogging for around 2-3 years before I started to be approached by brands to do reviews and to write for them on their sites as well as my blog.

My business grew gradually and naturally, but it wasn’t long before I was working full time on my blog and the sites of brands writing and photographing. I don’t do traditional sidebar advertising and affiliate links to earn money as it’s not for me.  I really do love my job, even when I am stressed and super busy as its always varied and interesting, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

 - Amanda Cottingham, The Ana Mum Diary



#18 I created my blog to improve my writing skills... it developed into a full time job


I started my blog back in 2013 while working for a well-known building society in the UK in their digital marketing department. I decided to start writing a blog as a way to help me improve my writing skills as I thought this was a weakness of mine at the time. I never thought it would be something I could make money out of, let alone turn into my full time job 2 years later. One day I started to get a few enquiries about hosting blog posts for other companies and being offered free products to test and review on my blog...and it kind of went from there.

It went pretty quickly from earning £400 a month to more than what I was earning in my 'proper' job so I decided to quit and see what I could really do with it when working on it full time. I love the freedom working for myself has offered me and the many doors that have opened up to me along with it. My income comes from a few different channels - placing content on my blog for other companies, hosting giveaways, social media promotion, managing social media accounts for other companies, sourcing and placing links for companies...etc. 



 #19 I created a digital marketing agency


I set BW Marketing - a digital marketing agency - up around 18 months ago, and the obvious first port of call was to create a website. We found that while referrals were helping us grow, our website wasn't. Which resulted in us looking back at what people wanted when they visited our website: a simple introduction to digital marketing.

The result was adding two key features to our website - a prompt that let people book a call in with myself at a time to suit them (which naturally feels less sales-y), and the ability to create an instant review of their website without any sales pitch. 6 months on, we've generated on average 2 leads per day through the website, and gained 10 retained clients directly through the website.

- Chris Bardsley,


#20 Working on a project I'm passionate about has made a huge difference for me


I started my mental health blog to help women who are struggling with anxiety and depression. As it grew I've been able to monetize it and start working as a blogger fulltime.
Making money allowed me to publish more articles, start a podcast, run a free Facebook support group and offer tons more resources for my readers.
I'm so glad I became a blogger and working on a project I'm passionate about has made a huge difference in my own mental health and well being. 



#21 My business idea came from life challenges

ryan patterson

I started this business after I was faced with the challenge of putting my grandmother into assisted living. I found the process to be very confusing and difficult and many of the questions I had were not readily answered online.

We now publish numerous resources targeted at caregivers and seniors who are transitioning into assisted living and other types of senior housing. We make money primarily by referring consumers in need of housing to our network of advisers. We also occasionally sell advertising for products that we think will be useful for our audience.

- Ryan Patterson,


#22 Explore multiple revenue streams to maximise income


I founded three businesses:, and Marquet Media is a branding and PR firm based in New York City and offers various marketing services to emerging brands that need to build brand awareness.

FemFounder is a digital business magazine that offers guidance to online business owners who need help generating more traffic, conversions, and revenue. This site generates revenue through its digital products and advertising. Deft magazine is a luxury women's fashion magazine that generates revenue through advertising. 

- Kristin Marquet,


#23 I created both a blog and a freelance writing business


My name’s Yaz, and I run The Wallet Moth, a personal finance and lifestyle blog that focuses on one main aim: creating a life that really works for you.
I started this blog in 2017 alongside my freelance writing business, and both businesses have grown from strength to strength since then. I primarily make money through freelance writing, affiliate marketing, and adverts placed on the website.

- Yaz Purnell,


#24 I decided to get in shape... the rest is history!

 evanMy name is Evan and I'm a blogger from Atlanta, GA. I got started in blogging when I decided to buckle down and finally get in shape at 30 years old — along the way, I decided to write about what I was learning as a total beginner. 

The blog grew faster than I anticipated and before I knew it I was making money promoting things like workout equipment, programs, and apps. I added some advertising to the site last year and it's helped me grow the business into my full-time income. 
- Evan Porter,


#25 I tried to find different ways to earn a side income


When I started the Dreamshala blog, I had to hold my MBA preparation for a while to get out of our financial crisis. But now I resumed my preparation and my blog is making me around $7000 per month as a side income.
I blog about online business ideas and freelance work opportunities that will fit almost everyone. Affiliate Marketing is the stem behind the revenue of this blog and there are different branches to it like sponsored posts, ads, and courses that bring additional bucks.
- Siva Mahesh,


#26 Travel was my inspiration


I co-founded Nomad Paradise with my partner, as after traveling as a remote work consultant and content marketer for three years, we realized there was a lack of information online about ‘how to travel,’ rather than ‘where to travel’ and ‘what to do.’ Nomad Paradise offers insight into the best travel gear, digital nomad resources, remote work, and smart travel tips, as well as our picks for destinations to visit and foods to try.
We make money through affiliate programs, sponsorships, consulting, and offer our services as content specialists to other bloggers and e-commerce websites, too.
- Dale Johnson,


#27 I created 3 websites and write for other blogs too


I make money two ways through my websites: I run a travel website where I insert affiliate links into posts (book recommendations, packing lists, etc.) and I also write customized itineraries for people, based on their travel destinations. At any given time, I try to have around three websites I'm running on my own, using affiliate marketing to make money. I get to share products and destinations I love -- and make money in the process.
I also blog for other businesses (and charge them per blog post) and have a blogging course/coaching program that helps small businesses use SEO best practices on their websites to get found by customers. I've found blogging to be an amazing way to get traffic to your website. It's really leveled the playing field. You don't need to spend a ton of money on marketing -- you just need to spend a few hours a month writing blog posts and doing SEO keyword research.

-Alicia Butler,


#28 My idea? A virtual assistant website

Sam DP V2

I run a Virtual Assistant website based in the UK (, which I started with zero capital as a recent university grad. The company now has over 40 team members and is still growing very quickly, something we've achieved through SEO and word-of-mouth referrals alone.

We match small business owners with a VA at Virtalent. We pay the VA a fee for their time, and clients pay us for our services on a monthly subscription.

-Sam Wilson,


#29 I thoroughly researched my niche


I started my website a few years ago in a very deliberate way. It wasn’t a passion project where I just tried to “figure it out.” I ignored the advice that says - just take massive action. 

Instead, I thoroughly researched my niche, identified gaps in the market, did keyword research, and deliberately ranked those articles in the search engines by building great content for humans and search engines.

It produces income now through selling a subscription software and affiliate partnerships with other related but non competing products in our space.

- Daniel Ndukwu, Founder of


#30 I was taking notes

Capture d’e?cran 2019-11-19 a? 15.14.56

I was taking notes in the process of starting an Amazon FBA business. After a while, I ended up with 30 pages in Word document that was just lying on my PC. I was thinking to publish an ebook out of it and try to collect some passive income but later on, I decided to create a blog publish it there.
It was the right decision as I got 150k visitors to my blog in the first 6 months due to the content alone, not to mention that I made quite a bit on affiliates.

 -Peter Koch,


#31 I became a full-time blogger by accident


In all honesty, I became a full-time blogger by accident.  I started my first blog on website Lylia Rose as a business blog.  It was originally an ecommerce store that sold jewellery and fashion accessories.  I started the blog to add more content to my website with the aim of attracting more visitors and sales, however I loved blogging so started to write about lifestyle topics and the blog quickly took over!

After three years I realised I could make money from the blog itself and started accepting sponsored blog posts and paid brand collaborations.  Within six months of monetizing my blog I was making a full-time living and took the plunge into full-time self-employment.  That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back.  In fact, I’ve since set up two more blogs at Healthy Vix and Travel Vixta so now I have three money making blogs.

My blogs make me money through ads, affiliate links, sponsored blog posts, brand reviews and hosting giveaways.  There are lots of ways to monetize a blog and I use several of them on all my blogs.

 -Victoria Sully,


#32 You never know where blogging might take you!


I started up my blog as somewhere to simply share my opinion on the world of finance and self employment. After a couple of years it had grown to something I knew I needed to take more seriously and soon it was making money.

Adding some personal dad stories into the mix gave me a three pronged approach to the website. Collaborations with other businesses who want to get the word out about their services are my most preferred way of making money. I also have a photography YouTube channel where I share behind the scenes video of photography adventures so occasionally these areas all overlap.

I'd encourage anyone who fancies blogging to give it a go, you never know where it might take you! 

 - Joseph Seager,


#33 Quality content is the most important


I originally started A Blackbirds Epiphany to sell my jewellery, but it didn't do very well just posting pictures of my stuff. But, when I started posting quality, shareable content, my visits soared, ad clicks increased, and, of course, my jewellery (and now my fantasy books) actually began to sell.
Posting gift guides featuring other small business products, creating crafting tutorials and recipes, and engaging your readers with questions and occasional link-ups (too many and people will only visit for that) are all brilliant ways that have, at least, worked for me.

 - Kim,


#34 Publish a non fiction ebook on Amazon


Make money by writing a nonfiction ebook and publish it on Amazon. If you don’t know what to write about, look at your resume for ideas.  I’m a career salesperson so I wrote about sales and combined it with my love of dogs- Everything I learned about sales I learned from my dog.

Write your book in Google Docs and publish it with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). 

- Julie. Check out this and other Side Hustle ideas at


#35 I tried to answer an important question

 julieI own a blog call All About Self Employment ( I started it in 2015 and it is a monetized blog that earns consistent money each month. I have been self employed for 15+ years and started this project after several people asked me how to become self employed.

I am passionate about helping others attain control over their time and income. I monetize the blog with affiliate relationships and a few digital products.

- Julie Starr,


#36 Sponsored content is a lucrative way to monetize

 janiceI started my blog when my daughters left for college. I was hoping to build my website into a money-making business in my retirement.

My blog took off early. I work on boosting my Domain Authority Ranking. I boost my DA by promoting at sites with a strong Domain Authority ranking that allows self-promotion. You will find that list here:

People want a link from me so they pay me to publish their content. I believe sponsored content is a lucrative way for website owners to monetize and easier than freelance writing. 

- Janice Wald,


#37 I create and sell my own digital products

 gladiceAfter I lost my job unexpectedly, I realized the importance of not relying on my salary as my only source of income. So, I started my blog Earn More Live Freely to share what I've learned and also what I am doing to create multiple streams of income online. 

Now, my blog has also become one of my income-generating assets. How I make money with my blog is through creating and selling my own digital products such as online courses and coaching programs. 

- Gladice Gong,


#38 Get to know your audience

 aliWe started out running our own blog site, and it was successful. What we did was first launched a blog site, then published content and promoted through Social Media to generate more traffic. Before all this, we added affiliate URLs from sources like Amazon to receive an extra commission when someone purchased the products.

It is also important to know your audience, what type of people you want to target? If they are fashion lovers, then your blogs should also look and sound the same. Once you start blogging, never skip the process because you need to publish blogs constantly to earn commissions.

- Ali,


#39 My goal is to build my site to a point where the majority of my income is passive

 best-business-marsha-kellyI started my blog as a personal mission to help people start their own companies.   Many business blogs are written by journalists who have no idea of what it actually takes to launch and run a successful company. As a serial entrepreneur, I have the experience, passion, and knowledge of what truly works in business today.  

To begin I took a solid blogging course called 31 Days to a Better Blog by Australian blogging expert Darren Rowse from This really helped educate and guide me. 
Today my blog has multiple streams of income including; affiliate commissions, advertising fees, sponsored posts and client services which earn me a full time living. My goal is to build my site to a point where the majority of my income is passive - so my husband and I can travel more together. 

- Marsha Kelly,


#40 I use my website to showcase what I can do

 freyaI had already been a freelance writer for 3 years before I started a blog of my own so I already had an understanding of what worked when it came to monetization. As a personal finance website, I make money through advertisements, affiliate marketing and sponsorship posts.

Another indirect way I make money through the blog is clients approaching me through the website. As a freelance writer, I use it to showcase what I can do, how adept I am at various skills (writing, website building, wordpress,etc.) and also to build trust. When you are working with people online, having a website that is run well can be what an employer needs to look past your digital application and see you as a person. 


#41 I spent several months researching the project before launch

 JW-HeadshotI started Walletero as an independent personal finance site offering free tools and resources. Prior to that, I’d been working in banking and saw a need to help people improve their relationship with money. 

The blog portion of the site provides tips and ideas on making money, saving and getting out of debt. The free tools section can help our audience save time and find a better deal when comparing financial products. 

I spent several months researching the project before launch. I also knew I didn’t want to go into debt to get it started, so I bootstrapped the business and used savings as seed money. Luckily, it’s been growing steadily. Currently, the main source of revenue is through affiliate marketing.

 - Jay,


#42 We guarantee the lowest prices to our customers


The story of started in 2018. With a help of CBD Oil from Hemp Meds and CBDistillery, I got rid of insomnia I had been suffering from for almost 10 years. Then I shared the idea of launching a new CBD online store with my business partner, Alexander.

Since we have been working in digital marketing for many years and have a large cohesive team, we decided to start our project. Now we sell CBD Oil products online providing the widest choice at affordable prices. We guarantee our customers a lower price than the manufacturer (except discounted items and products from Hemp Bombs).

 - Alex Malkin,


#43 Find a good niche and your passion


Creating a successfully thriving blog and making money from it all starts with building and growing your blog around an industry you're familiar with or knowledgeable about. Which should be a super-niched/narrowed one. 

Then kick it off by publishing good content and thorough keyword research about that niche. Writing without performing keyword research is just like shooting in the blind. You'll never have an idea if it'll perform well in terms of traffic and conversions or not.
All the successes I've had on my blog was laid on my passion for online marketing, then took out time in creating helpful detailed blog contents based on good SEO keyword research.
My blog is monetized through affiliate partnerships with course creators and software's vendors who pay me commissions as I send qualified customers to them from my unique link.

 - Khris Steven,


#44 I realized that content marketing was a BIG thing

Claudia Torres

I started a hobby blog ’TheFab20s’ and was really just throwing ideas up on the wall. Anything I liked, disliked, random thoughts, etc. I didn’t think blogging made any money and if it did, it was mostly for those influencers who had a big social media presence (which I did not). 

After spending some time writing and creating content in my free time, I realized that content marketing was a BIG thing and the more the world went online, the MORE it would grow. I would even see articles on Forbes saying things like ’this blogger makes $50,000 a MONTH while traveling the world.’ I was both a bit skeptical and fascinated.  

So I started doing research and seeing how exactly could I make money this was. I started driving traffic, making affiliate sales, and even created a course for other bloggers to learn how to grow their sites. 

I currently run two blogs and am AMAZED how quickly a hobby-site can turn into a full-time income. I publish income reports if you want to take a peek at the last one:

- Claudia Torres,


#45 I started by selling an How-to guide book


I travel so much that friends would ask me where do I get the money to travel? So I wrote a small "how-to guide book" because it was too hard and long to explain exactly what I do.
I got great feedback from it and then I started posting my pictures on Instagram then running Facebook ads to my website to give away my book for free. 
I use affiliate links to certain banks and apps that I use to save money and now I am building out courses to sell to teach all of this based on the feedback I have received from my book!
The key is to offer something of value, then you can sell it. It's not easy but don't give up!

- Nick D'Urso,


#46 I started The Ambition Plan after making five career changes of my own

Capture d’e?cran 2020-01-08 a? 10.48.07

The Ambition Plan is an online magazine for ambitious women who are ready for a career change, but aren't sure what to do in life. We provide articles, free digital resources, courses and events to help them figure this out.
I started The Ambition Plan after making five career changes of my own and noticing a distinct lack of resources for people in my situation. It was a passion project when it started and making money wasn't my main aim - it was challenging societal norms about what a 'normal' career should look like. I managed to grow a large social media following within a few months and was able to start monetising through digital products and brand partnerships.

- Lauretta Ihonor,


#47 Find out what people want and then give it to them


Modern Castle is the 3rd project I’ve launched over the last 12  years, but each was founded on the same basic idea. I wanted to earn money doing what I love, building websites, creating content that helps people, and working with my friends and family. Modern Castle is monetized primarily with referral links. Visitors come to our site, read reviews, and click links to retailer’s websites. 
If they make a purchase, we typically earn a commission. It’s that simple. Ultimately, building a website that earns money is as simple as finding what people want to read about and then creating engaging and high-quality content (whether it’s contextual, video, image, or otherwise) on that subject. That’s it!
Find out what people want and then give it to them.

- Derek Hales,


#48 I started with a small WordPress website. The rest is history

Capture d’e?cran 2019-12-18 a? 14.38.36

SellMax is a car buying service. We purchase cars from individuals who’d rather not trade it in to the dealership. Many of the vehicles we purchase are problem vehicles that have mechanical issues or are badly damaged.  

I started the project when I was 14 years old and I used HostGator to create my first WordPress website. I’ve since rewritten the code.. We make money by repairing or reselling the vehicles through relationships we’ve madeover the years. 

- Sean Pour,


#49 I wanted to help others find the right side hustle

jeremy harrison_headshot

I started my blog because over the past 5 years I experimented with many different side hustles and I wanted to help others find the right one for them. As our economy becomes more unpredictable, and jobs becomes less stable it has become almost a necessity that most families pick up different side gigs.

In the first year of my blog, I did really make any money and invested what little money I did make right back into the website.I make money with it primarily through affiliate commissions, which means I make money when someone purchases something after clicking through my link.

I have experimented with other ways of making money such as ads, but I found them to be too much of a distraction for readers.

- Jeremy Harrison,


#50 My goal was (and still is) to make social media marketing easier for creators & entrepreneurs

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I arrived quite late to the blogging scene after having first found success with YouTube & Instagram. I started in mid 2018. I have always enjoyed writing, & having helped people with their social media implementation before, the natural progression for myself was to get into blogging.

When it comes to monetizing your blog, it's all about diversification as you never know what might happen, which is why I monetize mine through a variety of different affiliate products (both one off & recurring), sponsored posts, some ad revenue, selling my own YouTube Optimization course, & through various other social media services.

Having started so late with blogging, I really can say that with a lot of hard work it is never too late!

David Woutersen,


#51 I followed these 5 important steps to create a small business online

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For anyone who considers starting a business/blogging online, there are 5 steps that they should follow
1. Find a profitable niche that you are interested in.
2. Host your website from any of the hosting services like Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. and start designing your website.
3. Create good quality content and services for your audience that they never regret.
4. Market your content/services online by using social media, guest blogging, etc.
5. Be consistent in what you are doing focus this business for the long run.

- Richard Son,


#52 I had to treat it like a business instead of a hobby

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When I decided to go full-time on my blog, I realized I had to treat it like a business instead of a hobby. I set daily to-do lists, time blocks, and worked more on creating results in my business instead of simply "getting more done".
Everything I do in my business is intentional and for the main purpose, helping women achieve financial freedom and earn more money. My business makes money through sponsored posts, which is where I partner with brands and we create content together, affiliate marketing, ad revenue, and selling my own digital products. 

- Alexis Schroder,


#53 I created a community for content creators

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Last year, we started a private community for online course creators, online coaches, membership builders, and professional content creators.

In 10 months, we’ve grown a community to 7,000 members and launched our own professional journal for creators called Theta Journal. At this moment, we have over 150 journal contributors.

I primarily make money through membership fees, content writing, and adverts.
-Leo Kangin,

#54 We fully monetize the blog with affiliate marketing and run no ads

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After experiencing great success with my personal finance YouTube channel, I decided to diversify into the blogging space back in August of 2018. I partnered with a close friend of mine Ed Canty who has a background in finance and acquired a tiny blog and Instagram page called Investing Simple. The Instagram page has since been sold off, but the blog is on track to do $7,000 to $10,000 a month in revenue this year.
We fully monetize the blog with affiliate marketing and run no ads. The biggest factor that has contributed to our success is creating comparison content. We write articles that compare different brokerages, investing apps and robo-advisors. For example, one of our most popular articles is Webull vs Robinhood which earns us thousands of dollars each month. 
-Ryan Scribner,