How to Improve Your Parking Space Security

When a driver leaves their car in a parking space that they have rented for an agreed period, they naturally need the assurance that the car will be safe and secure whilst they are away. Even if the rented space is a garage at the renter’s premises, it’s important to offer a secure car parking spot. There are a number of security devices which will both deter and prevent car thieves from picking out a car that may have taken their fancy, or one that is being targeted to order. Many of the security devices are inexpensive, but nonetheless will prevent a car from being removed from the parking space. Modern cars there has been huge advances in technology, however a determined thief will take it, unless prevented.

Security Posts

Removable or collapsible posts are a simple but very effective way of stopping the car from being taken away. These collapsible security devices are usually bolted down or set into concrete and automatically lock into position when raised, or secured with a padlock. A completely removable post is another and usually cheaper option. Depending on the level of security, various materials such as mild or heavy duty steel are used to manufacture these posts.

Security Gates

If the configuration of the parking space allows, security gates are an excellent way to make a parking space safe and secure. The gates can be manual or remote controlled, sliding or standard swing style, and they can even be ornamental in style which, in the case of a private driveway, may enhance a property.

Securing a Garage

In the case of a garage which is being used as a rented parking space, making this secure should not be too difficult, and the easiest way is to fit a roller shutter door. These doors are normally operated by remote control, with spare control fobs supplied, they can also be operated independently from inside.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is often enough to deter a thief who may not be just thinking of taking the car, but helping himself to the number plates! This is not as silly as it may sound, some criminals are stealing car number plates and then fitting them to their own similar-looking cars to perform crimes, such as filling up with fuel at a petrol station and driving off without paying. So if you spot your number plates are missing, it’s essential that you report it.


If the circumstances do not allow fitting posts or gates, installing CCTV could be a smart thing to do. Should the car be stolen or the number plates removed, evidence will be available to help bring the criminals to justice. Although having a camera alone and visible may be enough to deter the thief, a CCTV kit provides the camera, or cameras depending on the size of property, plus a digital video recorder (DVR) that acts as the hub and storage for all your footage. More sophisticated ones will allow you to manage and view footage on your smartphone or tablet.

Taking measures to ensure that you can offer secure parking gives confidence to persons renting that their car is safe and can keep insurance cost down too. Go ahead and list your space today!