Mercedes Benz plans for electric-only future

From next year, the company will have pure-electric vehicles in every segment it currently covers.

Mercedes Benz has revealed plans to go all-electric. Already one of the leading EV manufacturers, the German marque has announced that all newly-launched architectures will be electric-only from 2025 onwards.

That year, Mercedes Benz will launch three new platforms for electric vehicles, setting the company up to shift to an EV-only business where market conditions allow - the UK is expected to be one of these markets.

To power these new models, there are plans for eight new Gigafactories to produce the batteries, and partnerships are being developed to produce the cells in Europe.

A focus on efficiency will be of great importance, with the Vision EQXX being developed with plans for it to cover more than 620 miles on a charge. Bringing in expertise from the likes of Mercedes Benz’s F1 team, a premier for the EQXX will come in 2022, with battery capacity similar to the EQS’s 100+ kWh.

The three electric-only platforms due to arrive in 2025 are the MB.EA, AMG.EA, and VAN.EA. The first will cover medium to large passenger cars, with a cable modular architecture to provide the back-bone to Mercedes’ line-up for for many years. The AMG.EA will be dedicated to performance models, whilst the VAN.EA architecture will cover light commercial vehicles.