Two battery options, with extended range for popular electric crossover

MG Motors has unveiled a heavily revised version of its ZS EV, featuring a smoother front end, and a significantly extended range.

Now capable of covering up to 273 miles on a charge, the new MG ZS EV is fitted with a 72 kWh battery in Long Range form. There will also be a shorter, cheaper version available with a 51 kWh battery and range of 198 miles on a charge.

Charging can be carried out at 7 kW on AC charge points, or up to 76 kW DC on ultra-rapid units. This sees charging times of 10.5 hours on AC charge points or 42 minutes on 100+ kW chargers.

A new iSmart system is added inside, with connectivity features via a smartphone app, allowing for remote control of charging, charging timers, and pre-conditioning.

The system makes use of a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment unit in the cabin, with new graphics and improved functionality. There’s also a new instrument cluster, and a wireless phone charger.

Prices for the new MG ZS EV will be announced in November, alongside UK specifications.