Ora Cat confirmed for UK launch

Chinese manufacturer Great Wall enters UK market with EV brand Ora

A new pure-electric hatchback from Ora will arrive in the UK early next year, with a range of 261 miles on a charge and low price.

A choice of batteries will be available, with a 63 kWh pack offering the above headline range, and a 48 kWh model with a range of 209 miles on a charge available.

The big selling point though is the price, with the line-up starting at around £25,000, and the larger battery model expected to start around £28,000.

Charging is possible at up to 80 kW from CCS DC charge points, and AC charging is possible at 6.6 kW on single phase, or up to 11 kW on three-phase.


Power comers from a 126 kW electric motor for a 0-62mph time of 8/5 seconds, and a top speed of 100mph it possible. The motor sits in the front of the car, and powers the front wheels.

Four trim levels are expected at launch, though these haven’t been confirmed yet. Certain features fitted include LED headlights, rear parking sensors, 360-degree camera, and twin 10.25-inch screens for infotainment and driver instruments, including smartphone connectivity.

Further information will be revealed closer to the Cat’s December launch, including specifications and prices.