2024 Parking Industry Predictions with Andy Syrett

Having spent 8 years in the parking industry, reshaping sales strategies for YourParkingSpace and Flowbird, Andy Syrett has transitioned seamlessly into his new position as Managing Director at YourParkingSpace, achieving remarkable success.

To start the year off right, we decided to get our new Managing Director's predictions on what 2024 holds for both the Parking Industry and YourParkingSpace alike.

Andy Syrett

What do you predict for the Parking Industry in 2024?

2024 is going to be a year of significant advancements for the parking industry, driven by competition and evolving customer expectations. The demand for enhanced services is not only coming from customers but also from landlords who are expecting more sophisticated solutions. From this, one of the most significant trends I foresee is the rise in bespoke offerings entering the market. This trend will likely lead to increased collaboration among suppliers and providers to deliver.

Another key prediction is the growing emphasis on inclusivity, particularly regarding individuals with disabilities and those with temporary mobility needs. The industry is expected to make strides in providing equitable access for all users. This includes implementing compliant facilities, designated parking spaces, and user-friendly amenities to ensure that everyone can park safely and comfortably.

Drawing on my time in Flowbird and working with local authorities, it's clear that the growing interest and demand for EV infrastructure will see significant roll-outs of charge points as the industry responds to this evolving market. With governments around the world setting ambitious targets for decarbonisation, the demand for EV charging infrastructure is expected to soar. Parking operators, including YourParkingSpace, will need to invest in charging stations and amenities to accommodate EV owners, while also exploring innovative business models to monetise this emerging market segment. We have a dedicated team who are already working on this and are achieving great successes in their introductory initiatives in this space.

Overall, 2024 promises to be a year of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity within the parking industry, driven by the collective effort to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and cities alike. By embracing emerging technologies, prioritising inclusivity and accessibility, and collaborating with stakeholders across the ecosystem, we can create parking solutions that are smarter, safer, and more sustainable for all.