YourParkingSpace scales up revenue opportunities for asset owners after partnership announcement with Infinium Logistics Solutions

YourParkingSpace and Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) have partnered to offer asset owners across the UK ancillary revenue opportunities from parcel lockers, generating additional rental income and incentivising footfall and sales through convenience-oriented buying and enhanced customer loyalty.

Today brands are no longer built on expensive advertising campaigns, instead being built through the creation of meaningful customer experiences that makes lives easier, healthier, safer, more productive, and more rewarding.

The shift in purchasing decisions resulting from the pandemic has meant that convenience is now one of the top decision factors when it comes to purchasing. Since the boom in e-commerce take-up, brick and mortar businesses are finding themselves trying to keep up with this always-available mindset that consumers have become accustomed to. Whilst online shopping is a beast that is here to stay, the opportunity to drive footfall and generate sales for your core product or service from consumers that visit your facility for the primary purpose of sending or receiving parcels, is there for the taking.

Additionally, annual hosting fees offer additional income from space onsite that is otherwise unused. With a parcel locker installation, unused space is turned into a value-added service for your customers and the wider community, building stronger ties with your brand and enhanced customer loyalty.

 “The appetite for alternative revenue streams among our 65,000-landlord base is strong, and our partnership with Infinium Logistics Solutions is a great step forward to provide increased asset value for our clients who are looking for value-adding services for their customer experience to set them apart from the competition” states Charles Cridland, CIO of YourParkingSpace. “We are looking forward to working with Infinium Logistics Solutions to increase the growth of parcel lockers across the country, helping to reduce delivery times through facilitating a single stop drop, reducing CO2 emissions and lessening road congestion for safer road journeys.”

Jonathan White, Global Channel Director of ILS ‘Out of Home’, said “We are very excited about our new partnership with YourParkingSpace and look forward to working with many of their landlords over the months and years to come. We have developed a structured process to work with YourParkingSpace, the landlords and all of the UK locker providers to enable a clear path for both multi-locker and multi-site installations."

For more information about this partnership or parcel lockers for your parking assets, please contact