Our easy guide to listing your space

Thinking of re-listing your parking space or making a new listing? Here's a quick and easy guide to help you list your space with confidence and maximize your income potential.

5 tips to get your space noticed:

1. Quality photos:

Upload at least 2 clear, high quality and well-lit photos of your parking space from different angles to give potential renters a better understanding of what you're offering.

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2. Accurate description:

Add an additional detailed description that accurately represents your parking space. Mention nearby locations to attract potential drivers in the area.

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3. Add special features:

Does your space have additional perks like 24/7 security, shade, or EV charging? Don't forget to mention them, as extra features can set your listing apart.

- Covered parking: Does your parking area have a roof or car port? Select 'Covered parking' to highlight this feature, which benefits drivers by protecting their vehicles from unpredictable weather.

- On-site staff: If someone is available on-site who can keep an eye out during active bookings, you can add the 'On-site staff' feature.

- Disabled access: If your driveway has enough space for a wheelchair user and no steps, you might be able to select 'Disabled access' as a feature.

- Arranged transfer: If you offer a drop-off service for drivers to reach their final destinations, like train stations or airports. This unique feature can give your listing an edge and provide an opportunity for extra earnings.

- Security lighting: Many of our drivers are happy to pay extra for security and convenience if you have installed lights on your driveway.

- Underground parking: If your listing offers underground parking, whether it's in an apartment building, or commercial parking, be sure to highlight this.

- Electric charging: Own an electric car? Utilize your charger as a selling point to attract electric vehicle drivers.

4. Quick response:

Aim to respond promptly to booking requests or inquiries. A fast response time shows space renters that you're engaged and trustworthy.

5. Flexible Options:

Offer flexible booking options, such as hourly, daily or monthly rates, to accommodate various needs. This can attract a wider range of renters.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn your space into a cash cow. List your parking space with us and start making the most of your valuable asset.

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