The Best Car Accessories in 2019

Let’s be honest; there are a lot of car accessories and products out there that claim they can improve your driving experience or make your life easier. But how many of them are just gimmicks and how many are actually going to be beneficial for driving?

Well, that is exactly what this guide is going to tell you. We are going to look at some of the must have car gadgets in 2019 so that you can see if any interest you.

The best car accessories in 2019


Dyson V6 Car Vacuum


If there is one thing that always annoys car owners, it is the dirt and grime that builds up in the inside of your vehicle. So, what you need is a car vacuum cleaner that is going to get all of those crumbs and dirt away instantly.

This Dyson is a powerful one and it is designed specially to get to those hard to reach places in your car. It offers up to 20 minutes of power after being charged and it is handheld so it is easy to manoeuvre around. There is even a mini motorised tool that can pick up pet hair.

Now you can enjoy having a clean car that looks as good as new all year round!


BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyser


We all know that drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous and against the law. Of course, you should never get behind the wheel after you have been drinking. But you are allowed to enjoy a drink as long as you are under the legal limit. The problem is, it can be difficult to know what this limit is when you are out with friends.

This is where this breathalyser is going to become your best friend. You can simply test whether you are below the legal limit and are safe to drive home or whether you should get a taxi. It has excellent sensors that are like the breathalysers the police use for accurate readings. It is also really easy to use by yourself. The mouthpieces are disposable too so that all hygiene needs are covered too.

The last thing you want is an accident or to get in trouble with the police after a good night out with your friends. So, this breathalyser can keep you safe and make sure the night ends well.


RAM Mounts Suction Grip Mount


Looking for a place that you can position your smartphone while you are driving? One of the RAM Mounts phone mounts is going to do the job. This will securely grip to the car or dashboard so that you can use your phone as a navigation system, making sure that you do not get in trouble, as it is illegal to use your phone while driving. This company is known for making high-quality phone holders that are going to keep your phone securely in a place you can see it.


 AA Car Essentials Emergency Winter Car Kit


If you live in the UK then you know just how fast the weather can change. This is especially true during winter when there can be snow and ice. The last thing you want is to get stuck in your car. So, this is where this AA emergency winter car kit is going to help.

This kit provides you with everything you need during the snowy months of the year. There is a folding shovel that you can keep in your boot, a hi-vis jacket so that you are visible on dark nights, with a good torch to light the way. If you break down or cannot move for several hours, there is a foil blanket included so that you can keep warm. This all comes in a bag so that you can keep everything together and accessible if you need it.


Inflatable Car Bed


Do you need to spend the night in your car while you are travelling? If you have ever tried to sleep in the back of your car, you will know how uncomfortable it can be. You wake up in the morning with a sore neck and back. But this can be a problem of the past thanks to the inflatable car bed. This airbed simply inflates and is designed to fit over the back seat of your vehicle. This will provide you with some cushioning and comfort so that you can get a good night’s sleep.


The HUDWAY Heads-Up Display


Would you love a heads-up display in your car? Well, now you can turn your smartphone into one for your road trip. With this heads-up display glass, you can show your GPS right on your front windscreen. This makes it easier to view without taking your eyes off the road. It is transparent glass so that it will not affect visibility. It is easy to read and is going to show you all the information you need to get to your destination. What’s more, it can work during the day and at night so that you never get lost again.


Nonda ZUS Smart Tyre Safety Monitor


Are you worried that your tyre pressure is going to fall below the recommended PSI? Then it is time to invest in this smart gadget. Everyone knows that tyre pressure is important for safety and fuel efficiency. So, with the tyre pressure monitor, you can keep track of every tyre’s PSI.  This will make sure you know when they should be filled up. All of the information is displayed on your smartphone so that you can see it easily. You can even see the temperature to make sure everything is running smoothly. This is all going to prevent accidents from happening.

 All you have to do is attach the screw-on valve caps, which have sensors on them for all of your tyres. These are secured with any-theft nuts and there is a wrench included so that you can easily put them on yourself.


AA Ultimate First Aid Kit


Accidents can happen and it is best to always be prepared. So, this is why you may be interested in the AA ultimate first aid kit. This kit has everything you need for traveling and going on a road trip. Inside the pouch there is everything from badges and dressing to an emergency blanket and tape. This is all the essentials you will need to deal with a bad situation until further help arrives. You will be able to keep this in the centre console or glovebox of your vehicle so that it is accessible when you need it the most. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker


If you are heading on a road trip, there is one thing you are going to need when you are driving for hours; a cup of coffee. This will keep you alert and awake behind the wheel, as well as serve as a refreshing beverage whilst on the move. Of course, a lot of people have to stop to grab a coffee, but with the help of the Handpresso coffee maker, you will not have to.

All you have to do is plug this coffee maker into the cigarette lighter in your car. This is going to brew you a fresh coffee before you know it. In fact, it only takes two minutes. You can place it in one of the cup holders in the front of your car and you can use pods or ground coffee; the choice is yours.


Phillips GoPure Car Air Purifier


We all know that leaving food or cigarette smoke in your car can leave a bad odour. This can be unpleasant to drive in the next day or it can even be embarrassing when you are driving with other people.  With the help of a car air purifier, you can get rid of bad odours so that your car smells as good as new again. All you do is plug it into your power outlet and it gets to work. Not only can it get rid of bad odours and smoke, but it can also destroy harmful bacteria. This is going to improve the overall air quality in your vehicle.


Sakura Seat Covers


Do the front seats of your car look a little dirty and grubby? When you use your car a lot this is something that naturally happens. But sometimes it can make your car look older than it really is. So, what is the solution? The Sakura seat covers. They will make your seats look as good as new, as they fit over the front cushions easily. They fit most standard car seats and are machine washable. They are comfortable and there are matching headrest covers. Plus, they are trendy and enjoy a sporty design to complement your vehicle.