The Top 12 Driver Errors You Should Never Make Again

A lot of people naturally think they are the best driver on the road. This means that when there are problems or mistakes, they automatically don’t think they are at fault. This is especially true if they have been driving for years and are confident behind the wheel.

The truth is, not everyone is as good at driving as they think they are. There are actually some mistakes that many drivers make without even realising. Let’s have a look at the top 12 driver errors you don’t even know you are making while driving so that you can stop doing them once and for all!

Checking Your Phone

In the 21st century, everyone has a mobile phone. In fact, a lot of them are glued to people’s hands permanently. So, when your mobile phone goes off when you are driving, you are curious to see who it is that is texting or calling you. A lot of people just cannot resist having a peek to see who it is, even if their destination is nearby. Unfortunately, simply checking your phone for a couple of minutes and taking your eyes off the road for a short time can have bad consequences. A lot of drivers don’t realise that it is still an offence to use your mobile phone for texting or browsing when the car isn’t moving, even if it is stuck in a traffic jam. As long as the engine is running, you could get in trouble and that is the last thing that anybody wants.

phone in car

Being Late

You might be thinking; what does being late have to do with driving? Well, it actually can have more of an effect on your driving skills than you think. If you are running late for work, a party or other social event, this can mean that you are in a hurry and affect how you drive your car. You are more likely to take risks and speed above the limit. You might not even be aware that you are doing this. Being late has the consequence of increasing your chances of being in an accident. So, it is best to try and be organised beforehand so that you are not running late when you have to drive.

 alarm clock

Ignoring Roundabout Rules

Have you ever met a driver that enjoys going on a roundabout? Probably not! This is because they are often busy, confusing and just a high-speed challenge with everybody wanting to get on their way to their destination. But in this chaos, a lot of drivers make it even more difficult by forgetting to indicate when they are turning off the roundabout. This can make it hard to know where people are going and increases the risk of having a crash. That is why it is always important to let other drivers know your intentions on a roundabout and to always indicate at the exit you are taking.


Forgetting the Blindspot

When you are cruising along on the motorway and the lanes are quiet, it is easy to just pull into the lane that you need without looking. This is how a lot of dangerous crashes can happen and even be fatal. Forgetting to check your blind spot is something new as well as experienced drivers do all the time and sometimes they never realise the trouble they just caused. So, before pulling out and moving into another lane, always check your mirrors and glance over your shoulder to make sure that there are no vehicles right behind you. Make sure there is a safe distance!

 blindspot driving

Driving on Low Petrol

A lot of drivers travel in their car even when the warning light for low petrol goes off. They don’t seem to worry and want to be more cost efficient and use every last drop of petrol before they fill up again. While this can seem like a good idea at the time, especially if you think you know how much petrol your car really has left, it can actually be a bad idea. Not only could you end up stuck somewhere unexpectantly, such as in a traffic jam or in road works and get caught out, but it is also bad for the engine to repeatedly drive on low fuel.

 low petrol fuel

Signalling Last Minute

When you know where you are going, it is easy to assume that everyone else does too. But, this is simply not the case when you are driving on busy roads. While all of the rules are fresh in a new driver’s mind, if you have been driving for a while, you don’t think it is a big deal to signal and pull out into a space. But you should really signal in advance to let other drivers know what you are doing. Indicating and pulling out anyway is a way to get into an accident if people around you are not paying attention. While you know what is happening, not everyone else does.

 signaling car driving

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

When you are driving to a social gathering or even to work, it is tempting to drive in your fashionable flip-flops, sandals or shoes so that you are ready as soon as you arrive. This is actually a mistake and the footwear that you can choose could affect your safety. For example, driving in shoes that are not flat could mean that you cannot work the accelerator and break as well as you should be able to. With flat footwear, you are more likely to have the grip that you need to work the pedals effortlessly.

 driving high heels

Using Fog Lights

When you are driving on long and windy roads in the dark, fog lights are necessary. Like the highway code says, fog lights should be used when visibility is bad. But a lot of drivers actually forget to switch them off and this can be dangerous for other drivers coming towards you in the opposite direction. Fog lights are designed to be stronger and this can dazzle other drivers and affect their vision. You should make sure to switch them off when you see oncoming traffic to make sure no accidents happen.

fog lights on car

Leaving Snow on the Roof

How many cars do you see driving in the winter with snow on their roof? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is quite a lot. While you think that cleaning your windscreen, back window and mirrors is enough, it is actually dangerous to leave snow piled up on your roof. When you are driving on a fast road or break suddenly, this snow could fly off and distract or hit another driver. In addition, breaking could affect your view of the road if it falls onto the windshield. That is why you should clear all the snow off your car before you head on your journey, no matter how far you are traveling or where you are going.

 snow car roof

Driving with the Wrong Tyres

A lot of people choose to ignore the needs of their car in the winter and when it comes to the time of the year to expect snow, they choose not to invest in winter tyres. This is definitely a mistake and winter tyres are not a gimmick. A lot of normal tyres simply don’t have the tread to provide you with good traction in snow and bad winter weather. But winter tyres are going to make sure that you are safer on slippery roads, providing better grip. Having winter tyres could be the difference between getting to work during a snow day and having to use a vacation day when you don’t want to during the festive season and new year!

winter tyres

Having Your Seat Far Back

Everyone drives in different ways and a lot of drivers choose to have their seats way back so that they can enjoy more room and lounge. But, while this may be comfortable and relaxing, it can also mean that you are putting yourself and your passengers in danger. Having your seat too far back or too low can mean that your view of the road is not as good as it could be. In addition, this can lead to having a slower reaction time in the event that something goes wrong.

 car seat far back

Allowing Distractions 

When you have been driving for a while, you start to do things that you didn’t do when you had just passed your test. For example, driving with one hand on the wheel while eating and drinking, as well as choosing radio channels and picking your favourite songs to listen to. Unfortunately, letting your guard down means that distractions could lead to you making mistakes on the road. These little things can mean that you are less concentrated on potential hazards and you might not see them if you are looking at something else. That is why it is always best to minimise the distractions you have when you are driving so that you can focus on where you need to go and getting there safely.

distracted driving

Avoid these driver errors and stay safe on the road!