Top Attractions And Destinations In The UK Expert Roundup

When they consider going on a holiday, most British people think about sunny destinations like France, Italy, Portugal or Spain.

It's a pity that they don't think about their own country, because the UK is full of gorgeous attractions and destinations for everybody.

We decided to ask top travel experts what are their favorite destinations in the UK. Get ready to discover amazing places that you may have never heard about!

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The top attractions and destinations in the UK

#1 A hike on the Isle of Skye 


I adore Scotland from tip to toe, but the Isle of Skye has a special place in my heart. There are so many hikes, large and small, easy and challenging - and all utterly beautiful. Not only is the nature epic but also the people of Skye have that Scottish charm that just can’t be replicated. These days getting away from crowds and into nature is the preferred way to travel, and Isle of Skye delivers. 



#2 Neal’s Yard: the most Instagramable micro-village in downtown London!


Tucked away down a tiny side street in Seven Dials is Neal’s Yard, one of London’s prettiest streets. You’ll find it all hidden away between Shorts Gardens and Monmouth Street. It’s easy to miss, but it would be unfortunate if you did. Inside this little enclave, you can get everything from pizza to pedicures! This buzzing, colourful corner is one of my very favorite places in downtown London, ideal to capture the perfect instagram shot!

-Sivylla Vassiadi,




#3 The Jurassic Coast is a magical place

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-10 a? 14.30.49

Our favourite spot in the UK is the Jurassic Coast. Stretching 96 miles along  the coast of southern England, the towering white cliffs that soar above crashing seas and golden beaches provide some of the finest scenery in the country. We love to take it all in by walking the South West Coastal Path as it meanders past natural stone arches, through rural farmhouses and over a patchwork of green fields. And when our hearts and lungs have had enough, there is nothing better than collapsing in a traditional country pub and sipping on locally brewed beer to soothe aching limbs.

-Mark Barnes,

Jurassic Coast  

#4 Brimham Rocks: North Yorkshire is a fantastic place to visit

MEDescribed as nature’s wonderland, Brimham Rocks are a large outcrop of dramatically shaped rocks situated in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in North Yorkshire.

Formed over millions of years these outcrops of rock rise from heather moorland in weird and wonderful shapes, each fascinating and unique and some even gravity-defying. Many have been given names based on their appearance, such as a camel, a blacksmith’s anvil and the dancing bear.

Millstone grit outcrops can be seen all over the Pennines but it is only at Brimham where there is such a concentration of these fascinating rocks.

It is a haven for walkers and climbers and will bring out the adventurer in anyone. They certainly get me clambering all over them and crawling through gaps like a child. Brimham Rocks is nature’s natural sculpture park and this is why they are one of my favourite places in the UK.

- Tilly Jaye Horseman aka Travel Junkie Girl,

Brimham Rocks - Travel Junkie Girl


 #5 The Minack Theatre makes you feel like you're abroad

 Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-10 a? 14.33.17My favourite attraction in the UK is The Minack Theatre, one of Britain’s best hidden gems. In Porthcurno, right at the tip of Cornwall, you will find a unique open-air theatre perched on the cliffs above the sea. If you want to travel abroad but can’t afford the flights, The Minack Theatre is the closest thing you can get to being abroad in the UK. Turquoise crystal clear waters, a botanical garden and an ancient Roman styled theatre await you. From more traditional theatrical performances like Goodnight Mister Tom, Pride and Prejudice and some of Shakespeare’s many plays, to music concerts, ballet and circus shows, The Minack Theatre offers something for everyone!

-Lucy Ronan,



#6 You shouldn't miss the Lake District


My favourite British destination has to be the Lake District. The country’s quintessential slice of British countryside, nothing beats moseying from one quaint village to the next, stopping for a cold pint in the local pub before venturing into the surrounding woodlands for a bit of TLC from Mother Nature. A hub of natural beauty and cultural heritage, this northwest corner of England offers something for everyone, from challenging hikes to picturesque kayak tours to a visit to beloved author Beatrix Potter's house for active bookworms like myself.  

-Rae Oliver, Editor-in-chief,

Lake Windermere - Lake District


#7 Durdle Door is fantastic!

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-10 a? 14.52.45

I grew up in Dorset, so I’m a bit biased, but I truly believe that the Jurassic Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of the British coastline. And one of the best parts of that coastline is Durdle Door, a natural limestone archway over the sea. Formed by erosion over the ages, the “door” juts out from a headland between two sweeping bays. The view is stunning, and the neighbouring Man O’War beach is one of the best on the coast. There are also glorious cliff walks following the South West Coast Path in both directions, while the surrounding area of the Lulworth Estate is a joy to explore. 

-Emily Luxton,


#8 You'll never be disappointed by Scotland

Emma Muldoon - Simply Emma

As a proud Scot, there is nowhere quite like Scotland. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has breathtaking scenery, gorgeous landscapes, vast countrysides and beaches. Scotland is also known for its friendly people and Glasgow’s slogan of ‘People Make Glasgow’ is proof of that. There are countless things to do and experience in Scotland with something for everyone. When it comes to wheelchair accessibility, Scotland is leading the way for inclusion, diversity and access for all. I would recommend Scotland to everyone. Just remember to bring your umbrella.



#9 Tintagel Castle in Cornwall: a place of fairy tales

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-17 a? 11.29.25

Choosing my favourite place in Britain is tricky as there are so many incredible cities, villages and historic sites that could have made the cut. But if I had to pick just one place; it would be Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. Legend claims that this is where King Arthur was conceived by King Uther Pendragon and Queen Igerna, as well as where he was born. Fascinating legends aside though, the castle ruins are perched on top of a cliff with stunning sea views and Cornish countryside as its backdrop. You can even find a hidden cave aptly named Merlin’s Cave near the beach at the bottom of the castle. Tintagel is a fascinating place in Britain and warrants a full day of exploring.

-Justine Jenkins, Wanderers Of The World



#10 Cornwall is gorgeous

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-10 a? 15.15.57

I'm happiest when I'm by the sea and it's never far away when we're in Cornwall. The beaches are incredible, whether you want to try a water sport like surfing or just relax on the powdery sand, and there's always a family-friendly cafe or pub close by. I've had so many 'pinch me' moments in Cornwall - watching The Railway Children at the open air Minack Theatre on the cliffs near Porthcurno and walking across the Burma rope bridge in the Lost Gardens of Heligan are highlights from the past few years. I can’t wait to book our next trip! 

-Claire Hall,



#11 A Trip Around York


York is a beautiful and historic city and a perfect weekend destination.  There is so much to do and see in York, from the magnificent Minster – a Gothic cathedral that towers over the city in its very centre - to the medieval walls that surround it.  York has museums, an art gallery, several theatres and a fabulous foody scene, it really does have something for everyone. 

York is less than two hours from London by train and the train station is also in the centre of town, so there is no need for a car.  The city itself is quite small, and can be walked around easily in one day.  York also has a very lively festival scene, from our world renown Viking Festival to Food and Drink right through to a balloon fiesta!  It’s a perfect destination for families too.

-Nikki Turner-Chaplin,


#12 Hike around the Seven Sisters Cliffs

 Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-10 a? 16.34.53The Seven Sisters Cliffs are a natural marvel in East Sussex and are one of England's greatest natural wonders. These white chalk cliffs rising out of the English Channel and created when ancient rivers cut valleys into the chalk, creating seven peaks.

These white chalk cliffs face a startlingly contrast with the rolling green hills and deep blue sea that they lead into.

If you are looking for some of the most epic views in the UK visit the Seven Sisters Cliffs, you won't be disappointed. 

-Donna-Kay Delahaye,

Seven Sisters Cliffs Hues of Delahaye


#13 Stonehenge is totally unique


My favorite UK attraction is Stonehenge. I loved going on an inner circle tour at sunset. Many people don’t know they can get inside the circle. When I posted videos and photos on Facebook, people commented that when they went, Stonehenge was roped off. 
There’s a magical feel when you step inside the circle of stones. It feels like a different dimension. Our tour guide was amazing in sharing Stonehenge’s history. The mystery and folklore make Stonehenge intriguing. 

-Karla Kampos,



#14 Edinburgh is lovely

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-17 a? 11.48.25

Edinburgh is an easy city to fall in love with. The easygoing capital of Scotland is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities - its New Town is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the world - and its unique blend of beautiful historic buildings and rugged natural landscape is a winning combination. 

There’s so much to see and do here. You can explore castles and palaces, climb a volcano, have a snoop around the Queen’s former holiday home at the Royal Yacht Britannia and go on a Harry Potter tour.

If it’s raining (this is Scotland, after all!) visit one of the excellent museums, from the five floors of interactive illusions at Camera Obscura to the shaking floors at Dynamic Earth and the wonderful fashion, science and technology galleries at the National Museum of Scotland.

Clare Thomson, Suitcases and Sandcastles



 #15 The Giant's Causeway: unforgettable

 IlonaAndDanielVolcanoTop-1536x1152Our favourite location in the UK is the Giant’s Causeway. This natural wonder is so stunning that you can easily spend a whole day here. The best way to enjoy the Causeway is by going for a walk on the rock pillars and watching the waves wash over them. The visitor centre hands out amazing audio guides so you can listen to local legends while sitting on a rock. Make sure to explore the whole area as you can find lots of hiking trails along this beautiful coastline.

-Daniel and Ilona,

giants causway


#16 Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare's hometown

IMG_20170902_154156 copy 2

My favourite place in the UK has to be Stratford-Upon-Avon. I got a little obsessed with Shakespeare a few years ago, and so had to visit the bard's home town. For anyone that is into history, culture or literature, visiting this town is a must. There are the five Shakespeare Birthplace Trust houses to see, which tell you about Shakespeare, his family and Tudor life, but that's not all this town has going for it.

It's a very pretty Tudor town, with a canal. There are obviously statues linked to Shakespeare's plays everywhere, but one of my favourite things was the lampposts. These lampposts are an "International Lamppost Collection" and represent the visitors of Stratford. There are some very pretty and ornate ones, well worth keeping an eye out for!

-Nat Took,



#17 Dunluce Castle is my favourite


Dunluce Castle is one of the most epic castles in the UK, and it’s located on the north coast of Northern Ireland.
It’s a medieval stone castle, built on top of a cliff, facing the sea. While today only ruins remain, it’s still one my favorite spot in the UK. Being there and looking at the stone walls makes me feel like I’m in an epic fantasy movie, and I guess it was only logical that they choose Dunluce Castle as the House of Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.
If you’re up for a little adventure, you can walk down below the castle where you’ll find a secret cave, opening up on the sea.

-Kevin Mercier,

dunluce castle in northern ireland united kingdom by kevmrc


#18 Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

 cutmypicKelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker is an underground fallout shelter hidden deep beneath the Essex countryside, 30 miles outside of London. It was commissioned during the Cold War as an alternate centre of government in the event of a nuclear strike from the Soviet Union and now serves as an excellent museum. There are three floors of exhibitions including the operations room, barracks and sick bay. The bunker is large enough to house up to 600 people and the then prime minister of England would have managed the situation and any response from the site.

-Steve Rohan,



#19 Adventures on top of Mount Snowdon, Wales

Bradley Williams head shot

My favourite UK attraction has to be Mount Snowdon in Wales! As a born and bred Kentishman, I've explored much of the UK over the years, but Mount Snowdon has to take top place! It's easily one of the most scenic and breathtaking places to visit, a world away from the busy, hectic nature of popular cities like London. Not only is the hike up the mountain enjoyable, but the drive here through the gorgeous Welsh countryside is an experience in itself. So, if you're a nature-lover, coming to the UK, then head here and climb Mount Snowdon.

-Bradley Williams,



#20 My favorite destination? Durdle Door


Rising dramatically from the sea, surrounded by towering cliffs, Durdle Door never fails to impress and is by far my favourite attraction in England. This incredible natural feature, sculpted by the ocean, is found next to Dorset's prettiest seaside village, Lulworth Cove. The cliffs above Durdle Door make the perfect viewing tower, and you can take your pick from the many walking routes leading along England’s rugged coastline. The best thing to do is to pack a good English picnic (don’t forget the strawberries and champagne!) and relax with unforgettable views.




#21 Scott Monument: jewel of Edinburgh

wychopen profile

For great views of Edinburgh with a bit of history mixed in, a favorite attraction of mine is Scott Monument. This Gothic memorial is actually one of the world’s largest monuments that is dedicated to a writer – Sir Walter Scott. Built in the 1840s, you can’t miss the darkened stone structure sitting proudly in Princes Street Gardens. A visit to Scott Monument isn’t complete without a climb of the 287 spiral stone steps to the top. The narrow upper staircase is worth the squeeze for some of the best views of the city centre. The monument also has a Museum Room dedicated to learning about the life of the famed author.

 scott monument


#22 The Lake District is marvellous


An absolute gem in the UK that I would recommend everyone to visit at least once is the Lake District. If the hustle and bustle of city life in London isn’t for you, you’ll love the rolling hills, countless lakes, and jaw-dropping landscape the Lake District offers, with countless activities for the outdoorsy types! 

From easy walks to hardcore mountaineering, water sports, climbing, or simply renting a cosy cottage and playing board games all weekend, the Lake District is by far one of the most scenic UK destinations, and offers a real insight into the beautiful countryside the UK has to offer – without the crowds.

-Yaz Purnell,

Lake District2


#23 The North Coast 500 loop around Northern Scotland


For those who want to experience wind in their hair and a bit of adrenaline, a road trip is the perfect way to experience the UK. Perhaps the most stunning route you can do is the North Coast 500 loop around northern Scotland. Starting andending in Inverness, you’ll see some of Scotland’s best sights from Loch Ness to John o’ Groats and drive incredible roads across the Scottish Highlands. See the rugged landscapes, stop the beaches rocky cliffs and try the best peated whisky on the ultimate road trip.

-Sasha Yanshin,



#24 The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland

dog clinic

For people who love spending time outdoors and hiking, the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is a must visit. The mountainous countryside is breathtaking, there are almost endless trails to explore, and you can even see the Northern Lights if you’re lucky.

I lived for a year in Angus, around 45 minutes away, so I had the chance to go hiking in the Cairngorms with my dogs most weekends. There are 43 Munros (mountains) to explore though, so there are plenty that I didn’t see. I’m planning a trip back as soon as possible!

-Richard Cross, Head Editor,



#25 Edinburgh is the most beautiful city

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-18 a? 16.26.17

Edinburgh is a city overflowing with culture. From its inspired architecture to its intriguing history, this small capital leaves a massive impact. In August, join the global frenzy as five festivals fill the city’s every venue and street corner. Not into big crowds? Edinburgh in May or September is pure magic. In fact, the city is famous for its magic! It inspired JK Rowling and has been known to cast a spell on unprepared tourists who fall madly in love with wandering cobbled lanes and traipsing up dormant volcanoes.

-Amanda Walkins, Freelance Digital Content Strategist & Expat Blogger,

Edinburgh Castle


#26 Windsor should be on your to-do list

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-18 a? 16.39.33

As an American married to a Brit, I have been to England 27 times in the past 9 years.  I would have to say one of my favorite places is the town of Windsor.  It is quaint and cute and has so many really cool pubs that are exactly what you think of when you picture England.

In addition, you have Windsor Castle itself which is Incredible, and magnificent. I remember the first time I went to Windsor, I marveled at how I could touch a castle wall right In the center of town!

-Lisa McLaren,



#27 St Dunstan is a nice, cosy place

Kristina Day, Spirit and Travel portrait

St Dunstan in the East is a hidden gem in London, very close to Tower Hill yet often overlooked by tourists. It’s an enchanting ruin of a church, seemingly straight out of a fairytale. What remains of the church has been turned into a small park, overgrown with lush greenery and a small fountain in the center. On any given day you will find mostly locals from the surrounding offices who come here on their break, eating their sandwiches. At the weekend this is a popular location for wedding shoots, because it's so romantic.




#28 The Giant's Causeway is unbelievable


My favourite UK destination is one that is quite close to home, The Giant's Causeway in Antrim. This is a world renowned natural wonder steeped in history as well as myth and legend. The are in general has become more popular with tourists from all over the world due to the popularity of Game Of Thrones, much of which was filmed in Northern Ireland. The Giant's Causeway is probably an under-appreciated attraction for many mainland UK residents but it's something I would encourage everyone to visit at least once.

-Stuart Cooke,

Giants Causeway 1 

#29 Go on a scavenger hunt in London

Capture d’e?cran 2020-03-18 a? 14.20.21

At the very heart of the United Kingdom is one beautiful neighbourhood. On this fun-filled London scavenger hunt, we make a loop around the historic city centre in search of storied buildings, epic sculptures and quirky attractions.

St. Paul's Cathedral was the tallest building in the city for how many centuries? Who has the best poultry: the Bank Junction or Leadenhall Market? Find out on this scavenger hunt of London, England!

You can do at any this interactive scavenger hunt at any time.. Explore the art & history of London. What you'll see: Bank Junction, St. Paul's Cathedral, Leadenhall Market and MORE. 

-Charlie Harding,