What to Do in the UK Over the Easter Weekend

Do you have plans for the Easter weekend? While everyone loves to tuck into their Easter eggs during the holidays, the good weather means you can get outdoors and have some fun with the family too. There are lots of amazing events on up and down the country that you can visit for some Easter celebration, as well as some fabulous day outs that are perfect for you and the kids. 

Let’s check out the top things to do in the UK over the Easter weekend...

What to Do in the UK Over the Easter Weekend

View the Passion of Jesus

If you want to celebrate Easter, you can head to the performance of The Passion of Jesus. This takes place at Trafalgar Square in London and it’s a free performance you can watch with the family. It is run by volunteers and it’s a great chance to remember the meaning behind Easter. There are even real horses and donkeys in the show too! Be sure to head along early so that you can save a good spot and watch the performance.

Take Part in the Easter Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt

If you have kids then you’ve got to join the fun over at Kensington Palace. There is a special Easter bunny hunt here at the home of Queen Victoria and other members of the Royal Family. You will be given a trail map when you arrive and the aim of the game is to work out the clues and find golden bunnies around the grounds. They could be in the palace rooms, as well as around the gardens. This fun runs until the 22nd April and it’s perfect for kids ages three to 12 years old.

Attend Mells Daffodil Festival

Everyone loves looking at beautiful yellow daffodils in the spring. So, over the Easter weekend, head to this quaint Somerset village for some fun. There are stalls all set up where you can enjoy some food and there are also competitions on at Easter. It’s been around for 40 years and it is a fun day out for all of the family. There is also a display of classic cars here that you can view while you are in town. It’s a traditional village that shouldn’t be missed if you’re in the area!

Enjoy Lambing with the National Trust

During the spring is the time when all of the cute lambs are born. Of course, this calls for a trip lambing this Easter weekend! There are several National Trust locations where you can go lambing in the next few days and see them being born. If you want to see some rare breeds, you can head to Charlecote Park near Stratford-upon-Avon to see Jacob Sheep or visit Home Farm of the Wimpole Estate that is in Cambridgeshire. No matter what farm you go to, it’s sure to be memorable.

Drink at the Easter Beer and Cider Festival

Do you love drinking a beer or cider during the warm weather? Well, you will be pleased to hear that the Thanet Easter Beer and Cider Festival is on this Easter weekend. You can have fun and socialise, as well as drink up your beer and cider. There are over 200 types for you to try, as well as delicious food to tuck in to. It takes place at the Margate Winter Gardens and it’s sure to be a good time. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the London Dungeon

Over the spring, you can join in a deadly game of hide and seek at the London Dungeon. You are among Sweeney Todd in this scary show and it is sure to give you a fright this Easter. It’s only on until the 22nd April, so make sure you don’t miss it. During the holidays, the London Dungeon is always busy and so it’s recommended to get your ticket before they’re all gone. This is definitely a day out for horror movie fans and those who want to be scared. You never know what you might witness on your day out at the London Dungeons!

Go to the International Jousting Festival

Over the Easter weekend there is plenty of medieval fun at the International Jousting Festival. This takes place at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, Yorkshire and it’s always an exciting affair. You can watch horses and battles between the jousters with several shows during the day so you don’t miss out. There are four teams taking part, including the UK, Poland, Canada and the United States. So, pick the team you want to cheer on and get right behind them!

Be Inspired at the Beatrix Potter Exhibition

Around Easter time, all of the bunnies come out to play. Now you can enjoy some memories from your childhood and keep up the spring theme by attending the Beatrix Potter’s Art exhibition. You can wander around and enjoy all of the artist works that are on show about Peter Rabbit and other cute animals. The illustrations are fascination got see and they’re sure to be a hit if anyone in your family loves the books or wants to study art too. The exhibition is free at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Attend the Easter Motor Show

Are you a fan of cars? Then there’s only one place for you this Easter weekend and that is Weston park. This is where the motor show is held and you can view some classic cars and vintage vehicles that you won’t find anywhere else. Of course, you can bring the kids along and they won’t be bored. There’s entertainment and craft tents you can wander around, as well as jumble stalls.

Make a Splash at the Blue Lagoon

When it’s time to cool down this Easter weekend, head on over to the Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire. This is a fun waterpark that is fun for all the family to enjoy. There are lots of slides and rides that are exciting and suitable for all ages, as well as the cooling water for a swim. The park will be open over the Easter weekend and there is a family ticket available so that everyone can join in. Nobody has to miss out on all the fun!

Watch the Duck Race

Make sure you don’t miss the magic of the Easter Duck Race that takes place at New Bailey, Manchester. Thousands of cute yellow rubber rucks are released into the river and this has been a fun event that has ran for 10 years. It’s a race to see who will win and it’s a real family occasion. What’s more, there is entertainment there too. This includes fairground rides for the kid’s music and food stalls. You may even see someone dressed as a giant duck! This is a fun event where all the proceeds go to a children’s charity. So, have some fun – it’s for a good cause!

Head to the Beach

The weather is supposed to be glorious this Easter weekend, so you better make the most of it. After all, we all know how unpredictable British weather can be! There are beautiful beaches up and down the country, with golden sand and blue sea. Grab your beach towel and enjoy an ice cream as the kids play in the water and make sand castles. This is the perfect way to relax over the holidays and let the children have some fun outdoors before school starts again.

Hunt for Easter Eggs

If you’re in the Essex area, there is only one Easter egg hunt you’ll want to join this year and that is at Marsh Farm. This is one of the biggest Easter egg hunts in the area and you can try to find the plastic eggs that are hidden around the place. You and your children can grab a basket and see just how many you can find. When you’ve found all of the eggs that you can see around the place, you can collect your chocolate treat. What’s more, your kids have the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny too!

Enjoy the York Chocolate Festival

We all know that chocolate is the fun part of Easter! So, why not go on a family day out to the Chocolate Festival in York? This is where the Rowntree’s empire first started, with favourites such as Smarties and Kit Kat. It’s right by the Shambles market for a good day out and you will find plenty of chocolate demonstrations to watch, as well lots of opportunities to taste the chocolate. You can also dig into an Easter egg or even a chocolate pie. It’s the holidays after all!