YPS Insight: Top 10 fastest charging EVs

YPS rounds up the electric cars capable of recharging at the highest-power charge points, discovering which EVs are capable of adding the most amount of miles to their range in the shortest time.

The issue of electric vehicle driving range is largely obsolete these days, with a huge variety of distances available, from anything around the 100 mile mark to more than 450 miles possible from some models.

Instead, the only real “issue” with electric vehicles is the refuelling time. It’s true that the fastest charging models can top up around 70% of their range in 15-20 minutes or so, which is not long to wait. 


By the time someone’s pulled up at a motorway services, plugged-in, and picked up some food or been to the toilet, the car will have a few hundred miles’ of range added. But in less than five minutes someone can refill a petrol tank, so times are relative.

As such, some drivers - particularly those regularly completing long-distance trips - are looking for the fastest charging EVs. We look at those models able to accept the highest charging speeds - rather than focusing on small-battery models that don’t take long to charge at all. 

Below are the EVs capable of adding the most amount of miles in a given time thanks to high-power charging. To help differentiate models sharing the same systems, we have separated the models by driving range as well, indicating the mph (miles per hour) theoretically able to be added to the range in that time. We have also included just the one variant from each model.


Porsche Taycan

  • Charger power: 262 kW DC
  • Range: 301 miles
  • Rate of miles added: 640mph

The all-electric Porsche is capable of one of the fastest charging speeds around. Able to take more than 260 kW from compatible charge points, the Taycan will replenish much of its 301 mile range in just 12-15 minutes.

Calculated charging speeds are 630 miles added per hour, when plugged into a 275+ kW charge point. When not charging on DC rapid units, the superb Taycan will charge at up to 11 kW AC from home or public chargers.


Audi e-tron GT

  • Charger power: 262 kW DC
  • Range: 298 miles
  • Rate of miles added: 630mph

Based on the same electric architecture as the Porsche Taycan, Audi’s electric Grand Tourer will charge at the same speed as its VW Group stablemate. Charging at more than 260 kW from the highest-power chargers will add 640 miles in an hour to the range.

Like the Porsche, the Audi will add much of a battery’s charge in a little more than 10 minutes when plugged into the highest-power charge points. More commonly used AC charging is at up to 11 kW.


Tesla Model 3

  • Charger power: 250 kW DC
  • Range: 290 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 480mph

Tesla’s best-selling Model 3 is capable of charging at up to 250 kW from compatible CCS charge points and Tesla Supercharger units. With a long range of almost 300 miles in Performance specification the Model 3 will add 480mph.

The Model 3 is the only Tesla currently able to be ordered as new with a reasonable delivery time, which is why it’s the only representative from the EV specialists on this list. 


Kia EV6

  • Charger power: 233 kW DC
  • Range: 328 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 640mph

Kia’s latest electric car is built on the Hyundai-Kia Group’s next-generation platform, which allows for an 800V architecture. This means that ultra-rapid charging at up to 233 kW DC is possible, reducing recharging times to less than 20 minutes for a 10-80% charge.

Add in a range as good as 328 miles on a charge, and the theoretical charging rate is as good as 640mph, all in a model that’s amongst the cheapest on this list.


Hyundai Ioniq 5

  • Charger power: 221 kW DC
  • Range: 298 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 590mph

Like the Audi/Porsche models above, it’s of little surprise that Hyundai/Kia are both represented here too, based as they are on the same architecture. Hyundai’s system will accept up to 221 kW DC, and up to 11 kW AC from home and fast public points.

With a range of almost 300 miles on a charge, the Ioniq 5 will (theoretically) add approaching 600 miles in an hour - and again, the Ioniq 5 is amongst the cheapest but fastest-charging models here.


Mercedes-Benz EQS

  • Charger power: 204 kW DC
  • Range: 453 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 510mph

Mercedes-Benz’s luxury EV might “only” have DC charging capabilities just over 200 kW, but then it also has an official range rated at more than 450 miles on a charge. So huge range and high-power charging mean the EQS is a genuine cross-country EV.

Leading the way for a fleet of forthcoming Mercedes-Benz EVs, the EQS is only going to the first of many, rather than a lone outlier in terms of fast charging EVs from the Stuttgart firm.


BMW i4

  • Charger power: 200 kW DC
  • Range: 410 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 367mph

The BMW i4 is the model company car drivers have been crying out for for years. A long range, fast recharging, and legendary BMW driving dynamics combine to create a superb executive saloon - electric or otherwise.

With a range of more than 400 miles on a charge and capable of taking up to 200 kW DC, the i4 can add almost 370 miles per hour, quickly extending its already extensive range.



  • Charger power: 200 kW DC
  • Range: 367 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 380mph

Anything Mercedes can do BMW can do too - alright, it’s not quite the famous phrase, nor is it strictly true, but the iX SUV looks to offer a similar combination of fast charging and huge driving range for buyers capable of stumping up the cash.

A smaller battery accounts for the lower range than the EQS, but this also helps boost the mph figure to one close to the Mercedes-Benz. A very different approach, but it’s clear that long-distance EV-ing is getting easier.


Audi e-tron

  • Charger power: 155 kW DC
  • Range: 277 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 370mph

Audi’s e-tron line-up is extensive, featuring two body styles - the SUV and Sportback - as well as different battery and performance options. All charge quickly, but the best of the bunch adds 370 miles of range in an hour, charging at up to 155 kW DC.

Already a popular model, the e-tron can cover 277 miles on a charge in Sportback 55 quattro form, combining fast charging with a decent range.


Polestar 2

  • Charger power: 150 kW DC
  • Range: 336 mile range
  • Rate of miles added: 340mph

The Polestar 2 is quickly becoming a best-selling EV, with a combination of fastback styling, crossover looks, an excellent range, and priced in the executive car market. Throw in the quick recharging times, and it’s easy to see why Polestar is rapidly becoming an established manufacturer.

Recharging is possible at up to 150 kW DC, which can add more than 340 miles of range in an hour, replenishing the Polestar 2’s 336 mile range.