Discovering Affordable Parking Deals: Your Guide to Saving Money


Affordable parking - the Holy Grail you can actually find

Finding affordable parking that suits your needs and doesn’t break the bank can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Thankfully, in just a few steps, you can easily unlock a world of stress-free, quick, and budget-friendly parking options regardless of why and when you need it.

Why finding affordable parking deals actually matters

Times are tough right now, so it’s important to make your money stretch as far as it can whenever possible. With YourParkingSpace, you can search a specific location and scroll through the map to ensure you find the best parking space for you and your wallet. That way you can enjoy the things that matter in life – holidays, concerts, sports, shopping, and much more – without breaking the bank.

 Researching parking options: where to begin

Once you know the general location you want to travel to, you can input this into Google or websites like YourParkingSpace. This will provide you with a map of all the available parking options in your specified location. You can then choose to focus on one very specific area within that search, or expand out to see options further afield. Comparing prices is important, but don’t forget to take other factors into consideration too: ease of access, safety, and distance to desired location.

Exploring off-peak rates: timing matters for savings

Like with trains, if you can travel and park during off-peak times, you are much more likely to find a better deal. As with most things, when demand outstrips supply, the prices will increase. However keep in mind that peak times for parking aren’t necessarily just commuting dates and times. It often includes the times and dates related to any special events (such as popular concerts or sporting events) or time of year (summer is likely to be busier for seaside locations, for example). Understanding what peaks means for the location you want to park in is important, so you can make the most of lower rates.

Location, location, location

If you don’t mind walking a couple of streets to your destination, you’re much more likely to find good value deals. This is especially true when considering popular city centres where spaces are likely to be in high demand. Finding a location that allows you to both reach your destination within a short amount of time that also gives you good value for money is key. With YourParkingSpace, you can explore a map of the area you want to park in with live prices, so you can always make sure you get the right balance between location and best price.

Pre-booking: unlocking discounts and reserved spaces

The old adage of ‘the early bird gets the worm’ is often true for parking too: the earlier you are able to pre-book affordable parking, the more choices you will have to choose from, improving the chances of you finding cheaper and harder-to-get spaces. This won’t always be possible of course, but when it is, booking in advance of arrival can guarantee a better rate, ensure you get the best spots closest to your destination, and provide you with the security of knowing you won’t need to circle the block three times only to end up in an overpriced parking space which requires a lot of walking to get to where you want to be. With YourParkingSpace, you can find and pre-book affordable parking in seconds with ease.

Parking garage vs. on-street parking: weighing the cost factors

The ease of on-street parking is one of the big draws it has. However, there is another element that needs to be considered: parking on the street is often cheaper than in a dedicated parking garage. Things aren’t that cut-and-dry, however. On-street parking often comes with time restrictions on how long you can stay there, meaning you have to hop around every few hours looking for a new spot. And the restrictions are not always easy to understand. If you’re going to park longer than the allotted time allowed by on-street parking, it is usually cheaper and much easier to go for a parking garage without time restraints. Not only does that take away the need to look for parking multiple times in a day, it also means you’re not having to fork out varying amounts of money for shorter time slots. 

Long-term parking solutions: affordable options for extended stays

If you need to park for longer stretches of time – for your commute or near an airport for example – there are still ways in which you can make a saving on your long-term parking. Did you know you can book a space with YourParkingSpace in monthly blocks? That way you can be sure of having somewhere to park, as often as you need to, within the month. We have parking spaces near train stations, both in and outside of ULEZ, and parking near airports.  

Creative parking solutions: Thinking outside the box for savings

You don’t always have to use big parking garages, on-street parking, or parking lots available via the council. YourParkingSpace provides access to driveways, off-street parking, and more. The spaces listed on our website and app are often cheaper than the big parking lots or on-street parking spaces available and can mean you’re close to where you need to be, having access to spaces previously reserved only for residents of the area.

 If you know where to look and can book affordable parking in advance of travelling, there are many ways to make parking cheaper and less stressful for you and your family. Whether you’re parking to make your commute easier, for a family holiday, or any other event, YourParkingSpace can help you find an affordable space where you need it, with transparent prices, within seconds. If you follow all our tips above, you will be a savvy saver, able to find the best affordable parking deals no matter where or when you need it.