Football Fan Road Trips - Which UK football fans travel the most for their team?

For many in the UK, football means more than just a game – it's a shared passion that connects people and communities. At YourParkingSpace, we've looked into the travels and parking choices of football fans across different leagues and teams, digging into the world of matchday journeys. Our research has worked out which football fans put in the most time and money to support their passion for the game.


How much do football fans travel each season?

Every football season sees fans embarking on remarkable journeys, reflecting the determination of their teams. Premier League supporters lead the pack, covering an impressive 82,676 miles per season for away games. However, they don’t travel as far as the lower leagues with Championship fans clocking a commendable 138,440 miles annually, while League 1 supporters come out on top for travelling an astonishing 210,884 miles in a season.

How much do football fans usually spend on parking?

Our research has revealed some intriguing trends around match-day parking, with Premier League fans willing to invest the most amount of money in away game parking by spending an average of £2.36 per hour and £10.51 per day. Championship devotees, equally passionate, have adopted a slightly more frugal approach, spending an average of £1.35 per hour and £6.76 per day. Finally, League 1 followers come in last, with an average spend of £1.21 per hour and £6.57 per day.

Higher division teams tend to be willing to pay more for parking, they also enjoy an average of 1,330 available spaces compared to Championship fans who have an average of 965. Contrarily, lower division teams, despite covering more miles on the road, take a more economical stance when it comes to parking expenses.

Which football team fans are spending the most time on the road?

Certain fans undertake remarkable trips for their teams, such as Premier League's Newcastle United supporters who usually cover an average of 7,336 miles per season for their round trips. Meanwhile, in the Championship, Plymouth Argyle fans take the crown with a jaw-dropping 9,672 miles travelled. However, the fans that come out on top are the Lincoln City fans in League 1, with fans covering an impressive 15,104 miles for the complete away game season.

The miles travelled, the parking choices, and the unique preferences provide an understanding of the profound commitment British football fans put into their teams. These insights not only show the passion that fuels the sport but also offer valuable information for facilitating and enhancing the matchday experience with Your Parking Space. Join us on this football journey, where every mile and parking spot counts.