Q&A with Ryan, The road to Head of Commercial

Meet Ryan, Head of Commercial at YourParkingSpace. Ryan shared with us how his 5-year road to Head of Commercial has been and how he sees the future of YourParkingSpace.


Q: What do you do and how does that tie into the bigger picture of the company?

A: My core focus is to work with the existing client base, giving them full knowledge of our product suite innovations and any ancillary revenue streams we can utilise to grow revenue across their estate via the car parks. This could also mean working with new initiatives, such as electric vehicles, international expansions or specific projects across the board.

Q: How would you describe YourParkingSpace in three words?

A: If I had to describe YourParkingSpace in three words, it would be opportunity, innovation and disruption. We've got over 2 million users on the app, and over 75,000 landlords, which could be private and commercial.

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Q: How did you start your journey at YourParkingSpace and how does that tie to the future of the company?

A: YourParkingSpace is constantly growing. I started my journey six years ago in the Canary Wharf accelerator program when there were probably eight or nine of us, sitting around a little table with one phone in the middle. We used to sit opposite Revolute and were watching them grow as they were disrupting, building and innovating within their industry.

Look at us now! We've done the same, we've built something, and we've innovated within an industry. Now it's on to chapter two!311666801_2306077856225994_4256184210826734665_n.jpeg

Q: What do you see for the future of the company?

A: I see the future of YourParkingSpace as us continually innovating within our product suite. We need to make sure that we are providing services to our existing and new clients that are not stagnant and are constantly evolving. If we continue to do so on the same trajectory as we are now, that's where I see our future.

Watch Ryan's interview here.