Q&A with Scott Allis, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Meet Scott Allis, our Director of Strategic Initiatives, whose journey with YourParkingSpace began in 2015. From the early days as a startup to becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing parking operators, Scott continues to play a key role in driving the company's success.

Scott, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Can you share more about your journey with YourParkingSpace? Where did it all start? 

I joined as a sales manager back in 2015 when we were still very much an early-stage start-up huddled around a desk in Canary Wharf, East London. I was hired to develop/build out a sales function and create a scalable way to onboard commercial inventory for our pre-book marketplace, as at this stage our network of spaces consisted of private driveways. I established some of our earliest partnerships with many of those clients still with us today and we have since expanded our product offering to include various standalone solutions all the way through to now being considered one of the UK’s fastest-growing parking operators. I’ve held various roles over the years and I’m super proud of our journey and how far we’ve come from a small team with big ambitions to a genuine established business in the sector!  

Can you give an insight into your new role and any sneak peeks as to what you are currently working on? 

My new role involves leading the development and execution of strategic initiatives to support achieving the organisation's ongoing goals. In a fast-moving business, there are always projects that can unlock significant value, if implemented correctly. My job is to make sure we capitalise on these ideas and move quickly to maximise the benefits. This will involve using my company-wide knowledge and existing relationships to drive projects forward. Some of the things ready to launch in Q1 include our new EV proposition, a new staff training & development programme and a new pricing tool allowing space owners to be even more dynamic & data-driven. 

What are your three main goals for YourParkingSpace for 2024? 

Improve our customer experience, improve our client service, and continue to be leading innovators in the sector. 

What do you love most about working at YourParkingSpace? 

Over the years I’ve enjoyed lots of positives about working at YourParkingSpace - but recently, I’ve really enjoyed seeing team members develop, gain confidence, and carve out genuine careers. Seeing people who have been here for a while surprise themselves with their own development is something we should be proud of.