ANPR Cameras in Car Parks


ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras, also known as licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras, are a form of CCTV technology engineered to read vehicle registration plates. ANPR is a cost-effective and reliable system that is used all over the world by agencies such as the police force, toll agencies and traffic and parking management services. 

ANPR cameras are a vital adoption for car park operators - not only do they help to boost the revenue and efficiency of your car park, they also help to deter unauthorised parking on your premises. 

What is an ANPR camera?

ANPR cameras are placed at the entrances and exits of a car park to photograph each and every vehicle as it arrives and leaves. ANPR technology uses seven primary algorithms and image manipulation techniques to detect and enhance the image of vehicle number plates. This data allows car park operators to issue parking charge notices to vehicles that are unauthorised or breaching your terms and conditions. 

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What do ANPR cameras check?

ANPR cameras are used in a car park to produce reliable, effective and real-time data on traffic flow, occupancy and peak car park operating times. Through number plate recognition, ANPR cameras enable non-stop vehicle flow monitoring and ensure reduced lag time at barrier controls to enhance customer experience. 

They are also cleverly integrated with payment terminals that enable car park operators to see how their customers are choosing to pay and the tariff they have chosen. This can then be analysed and compared with the time each customer spends in their car park. 

The benefits of ANPR include: 

Increased security

Valuable user statistics

Integration with other technology solutions

Pay-on-exit system

No up-front costs

How does ANPR work?

Cars are detected as they enter a car park and the vehicle's registration number is logged. This same process is then repeated when a vehicle leaves a car park. The vehicle's registration data is then validated to confirm if the vehicle is authorised to park. All unauthorised vehicles will then receive a parking notice in the post. 

The mav IQ:250 Superior Intelligent ANPR Camera, adopted by YourParkingSpace, provides both ethical and reliable car park management through world-leading technology. Complete with HD image quality, zoom capabilities, and high-speed recognition - these innovative cameras will keep your car park running smoothly behind the scenes.