Bar and Restaurant Car Parking Opportunities


A car park serves as a gateway to your business and is a great way for hospitality owners to generate extra revenue. After all, leveraging every tool possible is vital for a successful business. A car park helps enhance a business offering - assisting in building a great reputation for customer service, as well as increasing customer loyalty. 

With the right management, a car park can encourage repeat visits to your business and helps to leave a strong impression amongst your consumer base.

Parking Standards for Restaurants or Bars

From the moment a customer first arrives at a restaurant or bar, until the moment they leave, a car park is one of their first and last impressions. Their enjoyment of their experience at your restaurant can all depend on how secure they feel the car is within the facilities. 

While it is often the norm for hospitality owners to supply their guests with free parking, this can be abused by other motorists who don’t intend on using their hospitality. One of the most common problems bar and restaurant owners face is the lack of available parking spaces for their customers. This can often be due to unauthorised parking from vehicles not visiting their facility, as well as crimes happening in their car parks. This can have a negative effect on both footfall and customer retention. 

When it comes to the hospitality sector, it’s essential that bar and restaurant owners encourage responsible behaviour. This could be through providing guests with the option to leave their car overnight in the car park.


Car Park Management for Restaurants or Bars

As a restaurant or business owner, at YourParkingSpace, we understand that providing your customers with the best possible experience is at the forefront of your business goals. We’re here to help you execute essential car park management for your business, so you can maintain footfall and generate revenue. 

Specialist car park management helps you to free up extra spaces within your car park, boost your revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.

We can help business owners manage their on-site car park by installing 24/7 CCTV to ensure anyone that is violating your car park rules receives a fine. This also helps to add peace of mind to your customers, allowing them to have a good experience at your venue. We help to put in place electronic permit systems to digitise your car park system to enhance guest experience and generate revenue. 

What’s more, businesses choosing to improve their car park space doesn’t have to cost a lot - there’s actually a lot of profit to be made from empty or under-utilised car parking spaces. Learn more here.

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